A Bit of Peace and Quiet: Your Guide to Creating the Perfect Mother’s Day

Ahhh, Mother’s Day. It’s that one special day of the year when we all frantically stock up on flowers and chocolates as a means to show our mums that they’re appreciated. And as gestures go, it’s kind of accepted. But have you ever stopped to think about what your wife or mum might really want for Mother’s Day?

We’ll tell you:

A bit of peace and quiet!

By Sunday, 14 March 2021, the UK’s mums will have endured almost an entire year of, ‘Muuuuuuuuuuuum!’ They’ve home schooled. Home holidayed. Home entertained. And home refereed. They’ve rediscovered equations they’ve not once considered since they were 16 years old. They’ve baked – and baked. They’ve overseen a hundred craft projects – and dutifully kept them all. They’ve kissed scraped knees, scraped mud off endless surfaces, prepared thousands of meals, and comforted and reassured in these most stressful of times. Many mums have done this while juggling a career. And they’ve done it with love. Because that’s what mums do.

So, as March approaches, dads and children take note: this year, for Mother’s Day, give mum a little bit of peace.

The Swizzels Guide to Creating the Perfect Peaceful Mother’s Day

1. Let mum lie in 

This is an easy one. Sleep is probably the parent’s most treasured commodity. It’s impossible to get enough. So, if you want to give mum a real treat, let her sleep.

2. Let her start the day her way

OK, so you’ve let mum sleep until she’s ready. But don’t ruin it by lying in wait for her to stir. Once she’s awake, let her do her own thing. Cup of tea and a book in bed? An hour, undisturbed, on her iPad? A bath or shower without an audience or a melee of little people needing a wee? Maybe, dare we say it? All three? After a morning snuggle, aim to take the kids out of the house for a couple of hours, and let mum just be. As a hint, a Swizzels sweets treasure hunt is a great way to fill a bit of time – just grab a Sweetshop Favourites Tub, make some picture clues, hide the contents and let the hunt begin.

3. Think about food

Some mums love to cook. But they don’t love to do it while being nagged at from every angle! Other mums simply cook because they have to. Whatever the case, find a solution for you. Make something special, or keep the kids entertained and out of the kitchen while mum cooks up her own storm.

4. Get the kids involved

Whether it’s help with meal prep, a surprise home spring clean, or a pact to have a whinge-free day, children should play their part in making Mother’s Day special. Nothing quite beats a home-made card. And pocket money presents are always gorgeous. Personalised Love Hearts are fantastic because they deliver that little sweet treat, while also giving a gift that can be kept and treasured.  

5. Show some love

Mums might crave a little peace and quiet, but they love quality family time too. So, don’t forget to plan something for you all to do together. Whether it’s playing board games, walking in the countryside, gardening, having an X-box tournament, or watching a family favourite film, snuggled up together (don’t forget the Swizzels Mummy Mix for snacks! 😉). Think of something you know she loves doing with her brood, and lay the groundwork!

Mother’s Day can seem just like any other over-commercialised ‘holiday’. But mums do a lot. And this last year has been really hard for mums everywhere. So, take the time to do something special for Mother’s Day 2021… Remembering that Father’s Day is just around the corner too!

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