Bringing Fizz and Flavour to Corporate Events

Have you ever noticed how staid and boring corporate events can be? Not all of them, of course. Some brands have really mastered the art of going the extra mile. Going all out until attendees are running around like kids in a sweet shop. And that’s precisely the image we had in mind when we launched the Swizzels Corporate Collection. That, and some good old-fashioned customer interaction.

Swizzels Corporate

Retro sweets and sugar hits aren’t normally something that you would associate with a corporate do, or even with customer promotions. But we think that they should be! Sweets make people happy – even if they don’t eat them. They bring back memories of childhood and the they pique the curiosity. The global adult market for sweets is growing for just those reasons. Which means that as well as being a childish indulgence, sweets can also be a useful business tool. So, that’s why we’ve launched our new corporate collection. Imagine the most popular Swizzels classics – Love Hearts, Parma Violets, Fizzers and Pick ‘n’ Mix tubs – rebranded to carry your business’ name, and you’ll be just about there.

But why should you consider Swizzels sweets for your next big event or promo?

Retro sweets make a great talking point

At any event, you can’t underestimate the value of icebreakers. And there’s nothing you want less than a roomful of people not talking to each other. While some people are naturally loquacious, others are less comfortable in busy, corporate environments. The thing is though, almost everyone has a memory about eating sweets as a kid. Maybe their older brother always stole their share. Maybe penny sweets would be a treat on Sunday morning when buying the paper with Dad. Whatever memories are triggered, it’s something to bond over and share. And even if your attendees didn’t save their last Love Heart for the girl/boy next door, the quirkiness of sweet rolls in a ‘swag bag’ or sweetie place settings is enough to get people talking.

Sweets can be mood makers

Corporate events can easily become stale, and the audience lethargic, so preventing that should be a priority.  The solution? A small sweet treat to boost the mood!.  A little pick-me-up such as a Drumstick lolly will help audience participation and receptivity.  The organisers might need a lift too, as planning and running an event can increase anxiety.  Luckily, confectionery can help as  a little sugar can reduce stress levels.  Love Hearts anyone?

Nostalgia sells

You know the way you smile when you find a YouTube clip of Bagpuss? Or when you remember the wonderful meals that Granny used to make? That feeling of gentle happiness is what makes nostalgia such a strong marketing tool. Happiness makes us more receptive to new ideas, and recent research has shown that nostalgia not only makes a ‘persuasive marketing message… but actually makes customers willing to spend more.’ Whether you’re looking at event giveaways or customer promotions, you can use your bespoke branded sweets to pull people in. Freebies always make people happy. Nostalgia-inspiring freebies, like Swizzels retro sweets, have double the power.

Takeaway branding keeps you fresh in the mind

How many times have you been given something at an event, or even while out shopping, which you’ve put in a bag or pocket for later? Every time it resurfaces your mind inadvertently returns to the time and place that you received it. That’s why so many companies give out pens. The thing is, pens have become so ubiquitous that they’re no longer making such a mark (pun fully intended!). Personalised sweetie place settings, however, they’re a little bit different. Some people will keep them purely for the novelty value. Others will be unable to resist – will power only goes so far, after all! But even a mini roll of branded sweets, occasionally dipped in to, can keep your brand front and centre.

Far from just being novelties, the Swizzels corporate collection gives you a chance to get your messages seen, with lightness and humour. From big branded buckets for exhibitions, to place settings for meetings, and branded hampers to be delivered as corporate gifts, we have a range of options to suit your needs. So, what’s it to be? Parma Violets, Fizzers or Love Hearts?

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