Build and Send Your Own Swizzels Sweet Hamper

Do you know someone who needs cheering up? Would you like to put a smile on the face of someone you care about? 

Whether a birthday gift, a ‘get well soon’ token, or just a way to show that you’re thinking about someone, a Swizzels sweet hamper can be the perfect present. And if you want to make it really personal, you can use the Swizzels website to build your own. Here’s how to do it.

How to Build Your Own Swizzels Sweet Hamper

Choose your container

The lovely thing about building your own Swizzels sweets hamper is that you can design it according to your taste and your budget. And that includes your choice of container. Our red gift boxes are available for less than £1 and can hold a surprisingly large selection of goodies – up to 1kg of sweets! So, they make a great base for a cheer-up gift. If you’re looking for something with a little more of the traditional style, we also offer a 12” wicker hamper. They look beautiful and can hold a few more sweets too.


Select your sweets

If it’s made by Swizzels, you can put it in your hamper! And the beauty of building your own, is that you can make sure that only the sweets your recipient likes are included. There are two main approaches to good hamper building.

  1.       Find their favourite and fill it up!

Do you know someone who would happily live on Squashies, Stingers or Parma Violets? Make their day and fill their basket with a month or more’s worth of their greatest goodies.

  1.       Variety is the spice of life

If you want to mix things up a bit, select a range of sweets to suit different moods. While you could go for one of each Swizzels sweets, you eat with your eyes too, and aesthetically that’s not so pleasing. So, try working to the rule of three. By selecting three of each of the recipient’s favourites you’ll get a hamper that looks as good as it tastes!

Head to the checkout

Once you’ve selected your hamper and filled it, all you need to do is check out. You’ll be given a chance to enter any discount codes you might have, and to select your preferred delivery option. And that’s it.

Let Swizzels do the rest

Now, you can leave everything in our hands. We will carefully select and arrange your hampers so that they look their absolute best. Package them up. Then pop them in the post, ready to be delivered to your loved ones.

Hampers have traditionally been something that you only send at Christmas. But really, they make great gifts all year round, for any occasion. So, if you want to send a smile, why not head over to the Swizzels shop? We have hampers to suit every budget.  

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