Celebrate Sweet Success with a Swizzels Sweet Hamper

August has always been a complex month for teenagers. On one hand, you’ve got the joy of the long summer holidays. Albeit with a bit of boredom creeping in. On the other hand, for a whole swathe of teens, you have exam results looming. SQCs. GCSEs. A-levels. Btecs. It puts a bit of a dampener on the holiday spirit!

But whether the results are better than expected or not quite as good as they’d hoped, or you’re simply looking for a way to say ‘well done, we’re proud of you,’ before the results come in, a Swizzels sweet hamper can be just the thing to put a smile on that teenaged face.

Five Reasons Why a Swizzels Sweet Hamper Makes the Perfect Exam Results Gift

Sweets are fun

No matter how you look at them, sweets can never be serious. Sweets are so frivolous and unnecessary that they always raise a smile. And if you want to ease the tension in the run up to results day, a 500g retro sweet hamper is a great way to go.

Sweets are nostalgic

Nostalgia is not just the remit of the aged. When you’re 16, your five-year-old self seems a lifetime away. And although Mum and Dad aren’t the superstars you once thought them to be, you can still remember how much fun you had together. As well as the pleasure of a pick ‘n’ mix. And there’s nothing quite like looking back on how sweet you were… And how much you loved sweets! And that’s where a small gesture, like a Personalised Letterbox-friendly Sweet Hamper could come in. Especially if it plops through the letterbox at the same time as their exam results!

Sweet hampers can be personalised

If you want to send a gift when you can’t be there in person, something that can be personalised is a must. And all Swizzels sweet hampers can feature a personalised note of up to 120 characters. So, whether you want to say good luck, well done, or just for you, you can make the gift that extra bit special.

Sweet hampers come in all different sizes

From the diminutive letterbox to the enormous (6.4kg!) Giant Squashies box, Swizzels sweet hampers cater to every size of appetite. So, you have the option to send a little pick-me-up, or an impressive gesture. Depending on the person and the need for celebration or commiseration.

Sweets don’t cost the earth

Even a large box of sweets, like the whopping 1.1kg vegan and vegetarian sweet hamper, won’t break the bank. So, you can present a happy, feel-good gift that looks great, and will last for ages. But it won’t eat into your rainy-day savings.

Exam results can be hard to navigate for both teenagers and their parents. But it’s important to remember that results aren’t everything. There’s always the chance to try again. And there’s always the option to do something different. So, here’s wishing you all a sweet results day. And a reminder that even if that envelope doesn’t contain everything you’re hoping for, there is always something sweeter on the horizon.

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