Christmas Sweet Boxes – How Do You Like Yours?

Sweet boxes are one of the nice things about Christmas. Whether you’re giving as a gift, or just looking for a coffee table treat that the whole family can dip into, it’s just a little touch of sweetness that can always raise a smile. But which one should you choose for your family?

Our Top Christmas Sweet Boxes

Swizzels Sweet Shop Favourites

The Swizzels Sweet Shop Favourites tub does exactly what it says on the tin. Delivering all your family’s much loved sweet goodies in a single, cost-effective tub, providing something for everyone. Jam-packed with all of our most popular sweets from down the years, you can dip into a Double Dip, break out the Love Hearts, or suck away upon a Fruity Pop. And so much more besides. Order yourself a tub or two. And that’s your Christmas sweet box, done!

Sweet hampers

If you’re looking to send a sweet box as a gift, then a sweet hamper can be a nice idea. They’re also an easy option for family sharing, or stocking filling. With a range of selections to choose from – from a dedicated Drumsticks box, to a 1.1kg behemoth of mixed sweetie goodness – it’s easy to find the perfect Swizzels sweet hamper for your Christmas needs.

Make your own

If we’re thinking about DIY Christmas gifting, our minds usually turn to hampers. And a homemade sweet hamper can be a really thoughtful gift. But if you don’t have time for the staging and the prep, or you just want a mix of goodies for the whole family to enjoy throughout the Christmas holidays, a DIY sweet box can be just the thing. You can repurpose an old biscuit or cake tin, or pimp up a cardboard box if you’re looking to create a centrepiece. Then, just fill it with everyone’s favourite goodies. Sweets. Chocolate. Anything that takes your family’s fancy. If you go for bulk bags, you can fill your tin really cost effectively, and still have plenty to spare for a New Year top up. And Bob’s your uncle – you have the world’s best ever Christmas sweet box. And bragging rights to boot!

Sweets have long been part of the Christmas tradition. From sugar mice in stockings, to candy canes and advent calendars. Cost-effective, tasty, and the simplest of treats, they’re just a little bit of happiness, adding to the general joy of the season. And Christmas sweet boxes bring all of that together in one happy place… Which one will you choose for your family?

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