Four Ways to Use a Swizzels Halloween Sweet Bag!

At Swizzels, we make no secret about the fact that we love Halloween. It’s the perfect pick-me-up mid-way between the summer holiday high and the happiness of Christmas. That’s why we’ve put together some Halloween sweet bags for your ghoulish delight and devilish delectation. But before you simply get stuck in, why not check out our ideas of what you can do with them once you buy them!

No tricks, just treats

OK, so, this might be obvious… You probably don’t need us to point this out at all. But Swizzels Halloween sweet bags are the ideal trick or treat option. With a wealth of Swizzels’ most iconic sweet treats, no one will be disappointed. And if you select the Mummy Mix Bag, every sweet is vegetarian and vegan friendly, so there really is something for everyone. All the sweets are also individually wrapped, so no sticky fingers. And no sharing of germs!

Halloween treasure hunt

If you’re having a Halloween party, a treasure hunt is an integral part of the proceedings. And with our Monster Treat Bag you have all the treasure you need to keep your little monsters happy! Packed with Swizzels favourites, you have the option for leaving plenty of treats along with your clues. Or you can simply use the lot for a not-so-scary surprise at the end of your trail of clues.

Stay-at-home treats

Things feel a bit funny right now. The Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted, but the virus is still very much in the news. So, not everyone is ready or willing for serious social interaction. If you’d rather have a stay-at-home Halloween, then our sweet bags are the perfect accompaniment to a cosy movie night in. Pop them in a bowl and let everyone dip in – with our Trick or Treat Lolly Mix there are no sticky fingers! Or, if you are feeling more adventurous and want to have a bit of fun with the family, you could make a Swizzels Halloween cake. Looking for more of a cinema vibe? Carefully melt some Choos from your sweet bag (this is a job for grownups – melted sweets get very hot!) and mix them up with popcorn! Or simply crush up some Fizzers or Love Hearts into your popcorn mix to add a bit of extra flavour, and magical sherbet fizz!

Peculiar pinata

[image credit: https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-holding-stick-in-front-of-white-ghost-pinata-1557769/]

As good for a party as it is for a stay-at-home celebration, a sweet-filled pinata is a thing of wonder. And it’s pretty easy to make your own. Start with a balloon covered in paper mache, then let your imagination go wild. With a little creativity, that simple sphere can soon become a spider, a ghost, a bat, a pumpkin – or anything else that takes your fancy. Just don’t forget to add your Swizzels sweet mix into the middle if you want to keep your little tricksters at bay!

So, there you go, four fun things to do with a Swizzels Halloween sweet bag… Or, of course, you could just eat it. Just don’t tell your kids – the results could be really frightening!

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