Fun Gums Cup Cakes

Cake lovers should look out for the new Fun Guns range, on sale in Asda.

Swizzels Strawberry Milk Shake cup cakes.   The cute mini cup cakes are topped with strawberry & vanilla milkshake flavour frostings, decorated with Strawberry Tart and Milk Bottle Fun Gums.

Or why not try these Swizzels Fun Gums Mix Up cup cakes? The circular box includes 9 mini cupcakes with strawberry, lemon and vanilla flavour frostings topped with a mix of Fun Gum favourites.

Swizzels Fun Gums Mix Up Mini Bites. 12 Mini Sponge Cakes with coloured toppings, decorated with Swizzels Fun Gum Sweets.  The perfect tasty little treat!

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