Is It Too Early to Talk About Sweet Gifts for Christmas?

We know this is a thorny one for some people. And it IS only early October, but… CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!


We’ve said it.

And you just know, if these last 11 weeks are anything like the rest of the year, they’ll be gone in a heartbeat. The potatoes will have been roasted, the presents opened, and we’ll all be wondering if Boxing Day is too early to take down the decorations.

So, to spare you the stress of that frantic Christmas Eve gift shopping experience, we thought we’d start early and give you a few sweet gift ideas to get you started… We’re good like that.

Christmas Sweet Gift Ideas for All Ages

Under 5s

Let’s talk about Rainbow Drops. When buying for the under-fives, a Rainbow Drops stocking filler could be the perfect solution for bringing a little sweetness without going overboard. They’re light and lovely to eat. A single bag can take a littlie ages to get through. They can be consumed in numerous ways – over ice cream, on cakes, decorating pudding, even mixed into cereal (try it!). They don’t even contain any artificial colourings. And, best of all, they’re available for as little as £0.10 a bag!


The five to 10s are probably the easiest age group to cater for when it comes to any Christmas gift. And when it comes to sweet gifts you can be pretty confident of a good reception. But nothing makes you feel quite so grown up as receiving your very own hamper! Selection packs have long been part of Christmas, but chocolate can be a little sophisticated for younger mouths. Containing a selection of chew bars, Squashies and sweet rolls, Swizzels Letterbox-friendly Sweet Hampers (£2.99) are just the job, whether you’re sending from afar or topping up a stocking.


Now we get to the tricky age group. Just what do you get for the teenager who wants everything… apart from anything at all that you might think they might like? It’s easy to forget sometimes that teens are just little kids in disguise. Sure, they’re smart, clever and frightening sophisticated at times, but few of them are too old for a lollypop, if offered with the right sentiment. The Swizzels Vegetarian Retro Premium Red Sweet Hamper (£11.99) offers more than a kilogram of veggie-friendly chews, sherbets, roll sweets, lollies and Rainbow Drops. While the sweets probably won’t last for long, the memory that you’ve made the effort to respect their ethics probably will… And if you’re not catering for a vegetarian, then a wider selection of Swizzels hampers awaits.


The thing about sweets is that they invariably bring back memories. And good ones at that. Whether you’re 28 or 88, you will have a memory about sweeties. And that’s why sweet gifts are such a good idea for Christmas. Granny and great Uncle Bob could well go gaga over a party pack of Parma Violets (£12.99). A 5kg Swizzels Sweet Tub (£24.99) makes a great sharing gift for couples or families. Or, if you’re thinking of popping the question this Christmas, why not do it with a little bag of personalised Love Hearts (£9.99)… A ring of some kind is probably a good idea too!  

The really great thing about ordering Swizzels sweets for Christmas is that you can get organised now. The sweets have a really long use-by date (typically at least 10 months). And you can stay away from that mad high street Christmas rush. Delivery is fast – and free in the UK for orders over £30. And you can even personalise many gifts, if you want to. So, if you’re looking for a bit of sweet gift inspiration this Christmas, look no further.

Oh… And may we just be the first to say it? MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! (Please don’t throw anything at us, it’s not very festive!)

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