Our Top Five Christmas Gifts for 2022

Nice list? Naughty list? No idea what to buy list? With just a few weeks left before Christmas, most of us have at least begun our gift shopping. But with budgets tight this year, it can be hard to know what to get without breaking the bank. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our five favourite goodies to help you find the perfect present this Christmas.

Swizzels Favourite Five Christmas Gifts

Personalised Sweet Shop Favourites Tub

There’s always something special about receiving a personalised present. So, for this Christmas we’ve decided to add a personal touch to everybody’s favourite – our Sweet Shop Favourites tub! Packed with our most popular sweetie goodies – Fizzers, Love Hearts, Double Lollies, and more! – this tub can literally have your loved one’s name on it! Adding an extra special twist to something you know that they’re going to love.

Giant Refreshers Gift Box

Are you looking for a super-sized sweet hamper? Our Giant Refreshers Gift Boxis just the thing for you! With a box designed to look like a monster Refresher chew, it is packed with so much more than your favourite sherbetty chews! Squashies, Mallows, Sweet Shop Favourites gift boxes, and of course, more Refreshers than you could shake your jingle bells at! And you can even personalise it with a special message. Sweet gifting perfection!

Christmas jumper

Who doesn’t like a Christmas jumper for silly season? New for 2022, the Swizzels Christmas jumperis just the thing to keep you cosy through the cold winter months. And because our clever design comes complete with a front pocket, it’s the perfect place to store your stash of emergency sweeties!

Vegan and Vegetarian Personalised Retro Premium Red Sweet Hamper

Vegans and veggies – or those who have a dairy intolerance – also like a treat from time to time!  And if you’re looking for the ultimate vegan sweet tooth satisfier, you can’t go far wrong with our Vegan and Vegetarian Personalised Retro Premium Red Sweet Hamper. Packed with a whopping 1.1kg of our favourite vegan-friendly goodies (including Love Hearts, Rainbow Drops, and Double Dip), there’s no better choice for the vegan or vegetarian in your life.

Personalised Love Hearts

Personalised Loved Heartswill always be one of our favourite Christmas gifts because they are cute, tasty, and versatile. While they make a lovely gift for children, these are also a really popular choice amongst lovers. Whether the proposers, or the well-established couples. Swizzels Love Hearts have been a part of Christmas for almost 70 years now. And we can’t see that changing any time soon!

Christmas is a time for giving, but it doesn’t have to be the time for giving too much. Sometimes, a little sweet treat can go a long way. In fact, most of these gifts will last for many weeks to come!

Feeling inspired? Head on over to the Swizzels shop for more Christmas gift ideas. And don’t forget to check out our Secret Santa and Stocking section!

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