Outdoor children’s party games

Adding a bit of sweetness to a kids’ party is easy with our huge variety of wrapped sweets. However, deciding where to host your children’s bash can be a bit tricky – at a young age, children are more likely to invite their whole class and managing to fit them all into your living room or downstairs area is a bit of a push! Organising the party in the back garden or local field can be an enormous amount of fun and save a fortune.

Swizzels can also help you set a schedule of games and activities to ensure the fun rolls on!

Scavenger Hunt

Split your party up into teams and hand out a list of items to find. Some suggestions for outside are a pointy leaf, a yellow flower and a rock but you can always ‘plant’ some additional objects like a button, pen, feather or of course one of our delicious Swizzels sweets. Set a timer and off they go!

Bean Bag Ladder Toss

Set up a point system for tossing the bean bag through specific rungs of the ladder. Mark the throw line and let every child take a turn with three bean bags each. The highest scorer wins!

Dress Up Relay Run

This is a really simple game that only requires you to pull out a few old clothes that were due to be sent the charity shop and it allows the kids to let off a steam of energy.

Split the party into two equal teams and position the first person in each team at a start line. The aim of the game is for each person to run to a pile of clothes, choose an item, dress in it and run back to tag their next team mate to run.

Musical Hoola Hoops

Lay out a few hoola hoops and get the music started. Let the kids dance to the music until it stops and then race to the nearest hoop to be ‘safe’. After each round, remove a hoop until there is only one left and only one person can stand in it – he/she is the winner!

Backyard Bowling

Simply save up your cordial/pop bottles and then fill will coloured water to create your own version of 10 pin bowling!

Balloon Darts

Find a spare panel of wood or foam board and staple on an array of coloured blown up balloons. You could either push a mini prize like a Swizzels lolly or chew inside or number each balloon so they correspond to a prize. Then give each child a couple of turns at popping the balloons with some darts.

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