Panic at The Checkout For Many UK Shoppers

It’s not often that the pre-Christmas panic buying starts at the beginning of November. But everything about 2020 has been a little bit different to normal! With lockdown 2.0 now underway, the first week of November saw high streets thronging.  Online, ‘Black Friday’ has already begun, as e-tailers and customers alike are worried about missing out on the Christmas frenzy. 

So, maybe, just maybe, this year we’ll all be ready for Christmas with weeks to spare… Our research tells us that this will be a novel experience for more than a third (38%) of British shoppers who admit that making ‘last-minute panic purchases’ is usually their style!

With Christmas shopping officially underway, let’s take a look at what other online habits characterise the British shopper?

The UK’s online Christmas Shopping Habits

Well, it seems that despite being a fairly disorganised bunch (looking at you, 38%!), most Brits put a lot of thought into their Christmas shopping – both in terms of gift inspiration and value for money.

  •       According to our latest research, 95% of us ‘love searching for ideas online before buying. With some respondents saying that they particularly enjoy looking for things that their family will love.
  •         98% of shoppers are looking for gifts that are unique and thoughtful – including 66% who prefer personalised gifts as a means of achieving that.
  •         While most of us will look for discount codes, only 16% of people are deterred from buying if they have to pay full price.
  •         And more than half of all shoppers (51%) say that they’ll pay full price regardless, if they need an item or have found the perfect gift.
  •         Delivery splits opinion though, with 45% of shoppers saying that they will be deterred from making a purchase if they also have to pay for pricy shipping.

Swizzels Christmas

Of course, if you’re looking for Christmas gift inspiration, you can’t go far wrong with a visit to the Swizzels Christmas shop. Our online store will be open throughout lockdown – with COVID-safe measures fully in place. And we have everything from advent calendars  to hampers, sharing tubs and personalised Love Hearts (perfect for an under-the-tree proposal 😉).

So, this Christmas there’s no need to panic. The Swizzels Christmas shop is now open. Take your time, have a browse, and check out at your leisure… Just maybe don’t leave it until December 23rd to do it!

… Looking at you, 38%!

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