Swizzels Personalised Sweets: They’ve Got Your Name on Them!

Do you remember how important your name was when you were a kid? Learning to write, neatly, on the line, was an unimaginable feat!  And oh, the untold glory when you achieved it! Seeing your name used for a character in a book you were reading felt triumphant. Even more so, if your parents had treated you to a personalised action story. Even those kitsch customised Flamenco dancer posters that came back from 75% of all holidays to Spain in the ‘80s and ‘90s felt like treasure because they were emblazoned with your name.

The reason for this is obvious: when you are a child, your name is special, and items with your name on show thoughtfulness & kindness. And that’s why personalised gifts can always raise a happy smile, even when you’re very much a grown up.

Five Reasons to Send Swizzels Personalised Sweets

Happy birthday

Hampers are always a great choice for birthdays. Whether you go for the traditional wicker basket of meats, cheeses or another random content (come on, you know there’s a jar of pickled something in your cupboards, received in a hamper way back when!), or a pamper hamper with an orchid and bath salts, hampers were created to make people happy. And no hamper ever made a living soul happier than a personalised retro sweet hamper! Holding up to almost a kilo of the most popular Swizzels sweets, these hampers make a great birthday treat without breaking the budget.

I love you

Swizzels Personalised Love Hearts have so much scope when it comes to gifting. They can be used for no end of occasions and recipients. From sweet proposals to cute gender reveal treats at a baby shower. But if you’re looking for a way to say, ‘I think I love you,’ these wonderful little sweets really can’t be beaten…but blasting that immortal song by The Partridge Family at them comes a close second!

I’m sorry

Sometimes, when you mess up, it takes a bit more than a muttered apology to set things right. While you could spend £50 on a bouquet (and we’ve nothing against bouquets as we’re always happy to receive flowers!), there are quirkier, more thoughtful and far more cost-effective options available. Such as personalised giant Love Hearts… At just £0.80 a roll, you could write out a full apology, one roll at a time – And that’s your apology begun. If nothing else, it’ll show that you’ve tried to extend the hand of friendship, offered an olive branch, and set the great thaw into motion.

I miss you

If you’re away from someone you care about – as so many people have been just recently – it can be really lovely to let them know that they’re in your thoughts. Whether you’re looking to reach out to friends or family, a personalised letterbox-friendly sweet hamper is a cute and pocket-friendly gift that can be sent and received with minimum effort and have maximum impact.

Well done!

Just saying ‘well done!’ is often enough, but occasionally, you want to do a bit more. If you’re looking to acknowledge a small achievement, a personalised Love Hearts gift tube packed to the brim with 25 rolls of mini Love Hearts can make a great little token to mark the occasion and a fantastic keepsake once the sweeties have been dished out.

Personalised sweets are fantastic for all sorts of occasions – Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, congratulations, engagements, weddings, and certainly corporate affairs. They’re affordable and flexible and they always raise a smile. But the best thing of all is that with Swizzels personalised sweets, you’re always left with a memento, as well as a wonderfully sweet aftertaste! 

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