Ten Retro Sweets You Didn’t Realise You Were Missing

Sweets are a part of almost every childhood, and almost always associated with good memories. But they’re often also something that we usually leave behind. As we mature, our tastes change. And we’re told that we’re too old to be wanting sweeties. But there’s a part in all of us that still thrills to an occasional sugary treat. And there are some retro sweets that memories are made of.

These are our Swizzels top ten favourite retro sweets that you probably didn’t realise that you were missing.

Our Top Ten Favourite retro Sweets  for Nostalgia

Parma Violets and Fizzers

As kids, we were either in one camp or the other: Parma Violets or Fizzers. You either liked the floral tang of those little purple wonders, or the sharply sweet fizz that came from the party bag favourites. But whichever camp you were in, we bet you can still recall asking the newsagent to add them into your striped paper bag mix!

Fizzy Cola Bottles

Oh, Fizzy Cola Bottles! They were sweet. They were sharp. And they were fizzy enough to make your nose go funny. Whether you chose to suck or to chew, Fizzy Cola Bottles were the kings of confectionery.

Rainbow Drops

Quite possibly the gentlest of all sweet treats, Rainbow Drops are melt-on-the-tongue light, with a satisfying crispiness for those of a more eager disposition. You could separate out the colours, eking the smallest packet out for hours, or just pour the whole packet into your mouth for one glorious mouthful of delicate sweetness. No childhood was complete without them!

Love Hearts

Has there ever been a better sweet for sharing than Love Hearts? The sweets are delicious. But nothing beats the pleasure of sorting through to find the perfect message for your BFF, or your secret crush. These days, you personalise them for weddings or proposals. But back in the day, you were always secretly miffed that there wasn’t a Love Heart with a slightly rude message to give to your sister.

Double Lollies

Ah, the double delight of the delicious Double Lolly!  Twice the fun with two flavours in one lollipop.  Too good to resist. The sweet, slightly chalky fizziness of the dual-flavoured Double Lolly was the highlight of many corner shop visits. If you were careful, you could keep them going for hours.  But oh, the temptation to CRUNCH!

Juicy Lips

Were you even really a child if you didn’t, at some point, hold Juicy Lips up to your mouth and pretend that that gorgeously glossy red pout was your own? A staple of the pick ‘n’ mix line up, no penny mixture bag would have been complete without them. 


With the sumptuously sweet lemon flavour chew concealing that sharp sherbet fizz, Refreshers were the ultimate chews of childhood.  And big enough to fill your mouth for minutes on end. You could nibble and savour them, or shove the lot right in. Whatever your style, why not remind your mouth of just how good they are?

The Stinger Chew bar

There was always something irresistible about Stingers. Like Refreshers, they combined sweet, sour and fizz, but they had the added appeal that their flavour was amazingly unlike any other sweet, they also lasted for ages because of the magically satisfying, stretchy cheeewwwwww!

Drumstick Lollies

With their unmistakable raspberry and milk flavour, Drumstick Lollies were a staple of every 1980s childhood. They were tasty and chewy, with the only downside being that they didn’t take long to devour!  But then, you always had the stick to fiddle with. These days, you can also enjoy Drumsticks as individual chews, if you’d rather indulge without having a lolly stick poking out of your mouth!

Sweets contain simple moments of happiness when you’re a child. As adults, they bring back memories. Sometimes, a trip down memory lane is immeasurably good for the soul. And retro sweets can help transport you there… While throwing a fabulous taste sensation into the bargain!

Which retro sweets play a part in your memories? Have we missed any? Let us know! [link to social media]

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