Thanks Dad – 5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Dads. Who doesn’t take theirs for granted? He’s the one who taught us how to ride a bike, and took us to choose our first car. He’s the one we called when we first left home and we couldn’t afford a plumber to fix the blocked drain. Dad’s the one who helps out with DIY, even when he’s not very good at it. And Dad is the one we know we can turn to every time, for everything. He might get cross. You might end up with a lecture. But if you really need him, he’ll be there. And yet we rarely say ‘thank you’ because he’s just Dad and that’s what Dad does.

So, this Father’s Day, how about putting in a bit of effort and finding a gift that means something? Something that really says ‘thank you’.

5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

A Subscription

How boring and impersonal does that sound? Surprisingly, subscriptions can make amazing gifts these days, because there are so many options available. Magazines, of course. But then you have recipe boxes, grooming boxes, houseplant subscription services, and even a business that delivers a monthly gift of socks and/or pants. And every time a package arrives, Dad will think of you.

Garden Gifts

Gardening is not for everyone. But if your dad’s birds and bees talk really was about flying creatures, you can guarantee that he’ll love a gift for the garden. The thing about gardeners is that they’re very passionate about what they do. For dads, having one of their offspring so much as show an interest in their garden is often gift enough. And if you’re looking for a physical present, then you’re spoilt for choice. A perennial plant that will remind him of you year after year is a great place to start. Perhaps a rose with your name – or his – could work. If you’re not confident of choosing the right plant for his garden, think about personalised tools, gardening books or garden decor. If that still feels beyond you, then why not get tickets to a gardening show – handily, Gardener’s World Live coincides with Father’s Day this year! For gardeners, the smallest packet of seeds holds promise and can be a better, more exciting gift than you could ever imagine!

An Experience Day

Whether it’s something you organise yourself, or something you get through a designated retailer, experience days make great gifts. Especially if you share in the experience. From falconry days and llama trekking to photography courses and luxury restaurants, there is bound to be something special that your dad would love to do.

A Personalised Swizzels Sweets Hamper

Food has long been known as an effective memory trigger. Whether tapioca pudding brings back the smell of the school dinner hall, or prawn cocktail returns you to your very first date, we all have memories associated with food. That’s why retro sweets hampers make such an amazing gift. They don’t just taste incredible, but they show that you’ve listened and thought. They may also show that you’ve remembered the times when he bought you sweets. From a £3.99 letterbox gesture to a totally personal basket that you’ve built yourself with a budget of your choice and sweets guaranteed to make Dad smile, there’s a Swizzels sweets hamper for everyone.

A New Hobby

Depending on the age of the dad you’re shopping for, a new hobby could make the perfect gift. And it needn’t involve the expense of an entire set of golf clubs! Think about the things your dad enjoys, then find hobbies associated with them. You might end up with a beer making kit. Or maybe the contact details of the local five-aside squad. The idea is to find something that will make Dad smile. And it will be even better if it’s a hobby he can share with you.  

Finding meaningful gifts doesn’t mean spending a fortune. If you can afford that Ferrari 812 Superfast, then go ahead. Your dad will no doubt love it. But occasions like Father’s Day aren’t really about splashing the cash. They’re about showing Dad you care. And you can do that with a £2 junk shop bargain, if it’s a bargain that means something to him. Hopefully, these few ideas are enough to get your grey matter working!

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