The (Real) Royal Family Christmas Special 2017

It’s not even been 1 week since the announcement of the wonderful Royal news that arguably the world’s most eligible bachelor our very own HRH Prince Harry is to marry the gorgeous American actress Meghan Markle in what will invariably be the wedding of the year.

We had a sneaky peek at Meghan Markle’s Instagram feed and found that she had good taste by the looks of the ‘Kiss Me’ Love Heart she posted!

This sweet treat posted on July 1 in the early days of the couple's romance was captioned: 'Lovehearts in #London'

Already the world‘s media has gone into turbocharged overdrive. Typically fantastic British newspaper headlines this morning are “The Look Of Love,” “The Stars Were All Aligned,” and “The Corgis Took To Her Straight Away” (could this last one be more perfectly ROYAL? ) just show the affection the world has for this Royal engagement, and how the world want to share in this fantastic couple’s moment – and hopefully lifetime – of happiness.

There will almost certainly be incessant speculation and chatter over the coming months of where the reception will be, what food will be served, who will be invited, and where they might honeymoon.  However, here at Swizzels towers we thought we might take a more immediate, light-hearted, look at what will happen over the next month or so.  We have tried our best to put the wedding to one side for a minute – because the couple have to navigate Christmas first.  Where will it be?  Will the extended family be there?  … And most importantly… who will give each other what pressies?  Do Royals do Secret Santa?  Is it OK to outwardly express their love and affection, or will it all be typically British stiff-upper-lip affair?  Perhaps with the new arrival of a glamorous A-list Hollywood celebrity, Meghan might bring an extra touch of sparkle to the Royal Festivities?

We posed this question to ourselves.  “If the Royals were to give each other sweets for Christmas, what might they go for?”

Christmas Hamper fit for a Queen!
A modern take on an old favourite – perfectly suited to Princes William and Harry!
Personalised Love Hearts rolls in a silver heart-shaped trinket box. Perfect for the Princesses!
Drumstick original hamper for Charles the traditionalist
Personalise table place names would be perfect for a bit of light-hearted fun rebel and ours are edible

So there we have it!  A light-hearted glimpse inside of the Palace and what might be this Christmas time.  Whatever you’re doing,  have fun, be safe, eat, drink and be merry.


Merry Christmas,  love from everybody at Swizzels

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