Tips for your cosiest Autumn evening

The clocks have gone back, the evenings are dark, and the cold weather is most certainly setting in. While it may sound a little doom and gloom, we love how cosy things become this time of year.

But what if you want to take your winter nights in to the next level? In that case, take some inspiration from the Danes and their concept of hygge. Pronounced hoo-guh, this wonderful phrase doesn’t actually have a direct translation but basically imagine a world of cosiness, calm and togetherness.

Here, you can find some inspiration to help you plan your perfect hygge evening or to help introduce a little more hygge into you everyday life.

  1. Be present.
    Ditch that phone, forget about the stress of the day and take the time to enjoy the moment, whether that be an evening on your own to unwind, or giving your full attention to a night with your friends and family.
  2. Warmth.
    Oh, the weather outside may be frightful but that means even more reason to dig out your fluffiest jumper, slippers and hot water bottle as you settle on the sofa. If you have a fire in your home, you’ll be in the full Danish spirit in no time.
  3. Rituals.
    This doesn’t mean you need to factor a 30 minute yoga session into your every day routine! Instead, it’s about the little things that can make small tasks a bit more special. Why not buy a teapot and strainer for your evening brew rather than a teabag? Or take five minutes when you get home to turn on some ambient lights rather than reaching for that bright overhead light switch.
  4. Candles.
    Speaking of lighting, that brings us one to arguably one of the most hyggelig aspects of any evening: candles.
    Mix and match scents across your home to create a different atmosphere for each room but remember to blow them out and don’t leave them unattended!
  5. Indulgence.
    To add the finishing touch to the feeling of calm, happiness and comfort, add some treats in to the mix.
    Why not share the love with a Love Hearts sweet display? Or simply pass round a bag of Squashies with your friends? This winter, the Sweet Shop Favourites tub is also a great option to please everyone.

If you have a hygglig evening planned this season, we’d love to see! Tag us your snuggly snaps across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by tagging us.

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