Wedding favours – Sweet Ways to Say ‘Thank You’

Ah, wedding favours. They’re a tricky thing to get right, aren’t they? On the one hand, you want to give your wedding guests a little memento of your special day. And to say ‘thank you’ for sharing it with you. But on the other, weddings are expensive. And by the time that you’ve got far enough down the list to be worrying about favours, it can feel like you’ve spent enough already. So, is there an alternative? Or should you just forget about the whole thing and hope that everyone’s enjoying the party so much that they don’t notice the absence?

Well, it’s your wedding. And how you spend your budget is entirely down to you. But if you are looking for a few sweet ways to show your thanks, then Swizzels have some options that might just work for you.

Sweet Wedding Favour Ideas

Mini gifts for all

Personalised knick-knacks have been very much the thing in recent years, as the pressure to ‘go big’ with your wedding has grown. But while a monogrammed wine glass with your wedding date on might go down well with your mum, the chances are that your boss will be wondering which charity shop to donate it to before they’ve left your reception. That’s why personalised edibles can be such a good thing. They’re considerably cheaper. They’re transitory. And they can be really cute. 50 rolls of personalised ‘Just Married’ Love Hearts will set you back £10. They provide a keepsake for those who want one. And a snack for those who don’t! 

Looking for something even simpler and don’t feel the need for personalisation? Swizzels new ‘Celebrate’ mini Love Hearts rolls are another great option. Order from 50 to 1,000 rolls (that would be some wedding!) for a simple, sweet and ultra-easy favour solution… Which is exactly what you want after all the hassle of flowers, dresses, suits and menus.

Put your guests in their place

If you’re looking for something that is a little more individual, Swizzels personalised giant Love Hearts place name settings make a fab alternative to traditional favours. Again, they can be kept or eaten, depending on the person’s preference. They only cost £0.60 each. They show that you’ve put in a bit of effort to make everyone feel wanted. And, as a major plus, you won’t have to spend a weekend of your life practising your best handwriting as you try to stop your place settings looking like they’ve been written by a five-year-old!

The ‘help yourself’ approach

Sometimes, rather than handing out individual favours, it can be nice to offer a ‘help yourself’ alternative. And a candy buffet can be a fun and cost-effective way to do this. Search your local charity shops for mason jars. Bulk buy your favourite sweets, being sure to include Love Hearts (it’s a wedding, you have to!), then arrange them on a table with some retro paper bags. Job done. Half the effort and half the price.

Special gifts for special people

There are always people involved in your wedding to whom you wish to give a little more than the standard favour. Maybe your parents, your groomsmen and bridesmaids. Perhaps your flower girl, or even the celebrant. But finding something that’s fun, not too serious, not too expensive and won’t make them feel guilty if they don’t want to keep it forever is hard. Again, edibles can be a wonderful option. For younger participants, a personalised Love Hearts gift tube could be the answer. They get sweets, and they get a lasting memento in the personalised tube, that they can use for years to come. For grownups, a personalised retro sweets hamper (something for everyone, with prices ranging from £3.99 to £21.99) could make a lovely token of appreciation that will actually be enjoyed… Rather than gathering dust in that one cupboard of ‘stuff’ that everyone has.

Wedding favours are by no means obligatory. But it can be a lovely thing to give your guests a little ‘thank you’ for making your day special. The thing to remember is that ‘lovely’ needn’t equate to ‘expensive’. And sometimes, it’s the fun little gestures that can make a day extra memorable.  

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