What Puts the Fizz into Fizzers?

Fizzy sweets are the ultimate childhood taste sensation. They don’t just taste amazing, they’re kind of exciting too. They are literally tastebud tingling. And that makes them unlike anything else you eat. Your mouth doesn’t quite know what to make of the sensation… But it usually knows that it likes it! But what makes sweets like Swizzels Fizzers fizz?

What Makes Your Favourite Sweets Fizzy?

As with all foodstuffs, fizzy sweets do what they do because of their ingredients. And in fizzy sweets, it is usually the combination of a carbonate and an acid, and the way that they react to the saliva in your mouth that creates the unique sensation. At Swizzels, we favour Malic Acid, Stearic Acid, and Sodium Bicarbonate. The acid adds the tang and while the carbonate adds the tingle. Brought together they create the ultimate sweetie mouthfeel! But because different amounts of each ingredient create different results, each type of fizzy sweet is ever so slightly different.

Our Top Five Favourite Fizzy Sweets

Giant Fizzers

Any child who grew up in the 80s or 90s would expect to receive a roll of Fizzers in their party bags. It was almost obligatory. Along with those [kind of weird, now you think about it] sweet bracelets, and a balloon. They were sweet, and fizzy, and you could separate them into different colours. They were great. But that was before you met Giant Fizzers. Which were the same, only… giant! There is no way you could fit a whole packet of these bad boys in your mouth at once. So, they last a whole lot longer. And, these days, they’re also suitable for those following vegetarian, vegan, and Halal diets.

Double Dip

If you have a thing for fizz, then sherbet has to be your go-to. And with Double Dip you get two flavours – orange and cherry – in one. Not to mention a tongue-tickling Swizzel stick for added satisfaction. The only question to remain, is how do you eat yours?


Back in 1955, when Refreshers were invented, there was nothing quite like them on the market. And there still isn’t. A pleasant, but seemingly innocuous lemon chew, with a secret sherbety centre. Perfection! You can suck them and eke the sherbet out. You can chew them and enjoy an overwhelming fizz. Or you can nibble around the edges, savouring every [by that point, very sticky] morsel, gearing up for a big, fizzy finale!


Stinger chew bars are kind of like refreshers… Only thinner, longer, and chewier. The tutti-frutti flavour is enough to recommend it on its own. But when you add in the fizzy centre, it’s like your mouth comes to life. And they last for a really long time, which makes them a winner all-round.

Double lollies

Aside from the fizz factor, the best thing about Double Lollies is that they come in a range of flavours. And you can never be quite sure which one you’re going to get. Will it be cherry and lemon? Pineapple and lime? Orange and cherry? Whichever you end up with, you know that it’s going to taste great. And because it’s on a stick, you can savour that fizz, far more than a simple one-suck wonder!

Fizzy sweets are one of life’s little pleasures. And at Swizzels, it gives us great pleasure to deliver them to you!

So, tell us, which Swizzels fizzy treat is your favourite?

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