When to Roll Out the Corporate Hamper

The hamper has long been the mainstay of the corporate Christmas. Whether schmoozing investors, thanking customers, or acknowledging staff, a wicker basket or box stuffed with random things you probably wouldn’t ever consider buying for yourself is simply the go-to choice. But corporate hampers needn’t be limited just to Christmas. And they needn’t be full of exotic [and unwanted] randomness. Sweet hampers provide the perfect balance of unnecessary indulgence and gifting fun. And they can be adapted for any corporate occasion.

When to Send a Corporate Sweet Hamper

Team Thank You

Sometimes, your team just need to know that you value their efforts. So, whether you’ve made an important deadline, acquired a big new client, a lot of overtime has been required or you can simply feel that morale is flagging and could use a little boost, a small token of appreciation can go a very long way. There are many options open to you, including filling the staff room with party sweets buckets or an array of bulk sweets for them to pick and mix their own. But if you want your gesture to feel a little more personal and targeted, a small sweet hamper, like the Red Retro from Swizzels, will do the job perfectly.

Personal Occasions

From new babies to get well soon, congratulations and farewell, there’s a sweet hamper for any staffing occasion. A Personalised Retro Sweet Hamper can give new parents that desperately needed grazing option and someone who is unwell a little treat to lift their spirits. If you’re losing a valued staff member, send them off with a smile so that there’s no sour grapes and they might consider coming back to you with a whole new set of skills. Alternatively it is a great way to welcome new teammates – a gesture that shows your business is different from the norm. One of the best attributes of corporate sweet hampers is their versatility. If you have an occasion in mind, we can help you to make it special.

Customer Acknowledgement

Corporate hampers can be a really great way to thank your customers. But while you could blow the budget with Beluga caviar and champagne, there’s such a thing as over-egging the pudding. Corporate gift hampers are usually the most successful when they’re fun. Luxury foodstuffs aren’t enjoyed by everyone. And all luxury hampers have been done before. A sweet hamper stands out for having a sense of humour as well as a sense of taste. It’s indulgent, simply because few adults will actually allow themselves to indulge in childhood sweets outside of the festive period. And sweet hampers have the benefit of appealing to the whole family, so there’s no chance of the contents gathering dust at the back of the cupboard.

Swizzels Corporate Sweet Hampers

Swizzels provide a whole range of sweet hampers, suitable for any recipient or occasion. When you’re looking to send a small gesture en masse, letterbox-friendly sweet hampers make a fun and super-affordable option. Vegetarian and vegan sweets options are available, as well as a host of other pre-made boxes. And of course, with Swizzels, you always know what you’re getting – buying direct from the manufacturer, there can be no concerns over quality or availability, while excellent value is always guaranteed. And as the nation’s leading retro sweets company, you can be pretty confident that your recipients – customers, suppliers, or staff – will already have Swizzels memories that will make the gift all the sweeter.

Swizzels corporate sweet hampers can be made to order or bought in bulk. The full range is available through the Swizzels online shop, or you can contact our sales team for more information: 0800 970 0480 or e-mail customer.support@swizzels-matlow.com

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