Why Sweets Make Great Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts can be tricky to get right. At a time when we’re potentially heading back into recession, no business can afford to spend too much on gifting. But, at the same time, corporate gifts can be a great form of marketing. They’re a good way to motivate employees. And it can be a nice gesture to thank loyal customers. So, selecting something that is sub-par, can be a wasted opportunity. Not to mention a waste of budget. So, what makes corporate sweets such a good gifting option for businesses?

Six Reasons Why Corporate Sweets Are a Good Investment

1. Corporate sweets are great value for money

With turbulent times ahead, businesses have to be more money-conscious than ever. But you can get a lot of corporate sweets for very little money. Branded Love Hearts rolls for trade shows, exhibitions, or welcome desk PR, can cost as little as £0.25 each. For specific person gifting, personalised sweet hampers make a great impression for the smallest amount.

2. Sweets are almost irresistible

It’s no secret that people like a freebie. But while you might hesitate over picking up yet another free keyring, sweets have a more instant appeal. For starters, they’re edible. Which means that there’s no question of more lingering clutter. It also means that they have the potential to trigger happiness and nostalgia. Both of these emotions are great for business.

3. Sweets are versatile

Wrapped sweets are great because they’re useful in a whole range of scenarios. Not only are they small and convenient, which makes them easily grabbable by the passing public, but they have your name on. Which means that your brand will be associated with a pleasing, sweet sensation.

4. Sweets are sharable

Following directly on from above, if you see a bucket of sweets on a stall, very few people will only take a single pack for themselves. They’ll take a handful. Maybe sharing them with companions at the event. Taking some home for the kids – which will keep your brand name in their mind for longer. Or politely sharing with others when the mood for snacking strikes later. Sharing your details in the process.

5. Corporate sweets work for most business types

OK, so admittedly, you’re not going to want to hand out sweets if you’re promoting a dental practice. But for most business types, sweets work. Because they appeal to such a broad customer range. While a lot of people have no use for flash drives or desk pads, they’re happy to accept something they can eat. Whether it’s personalised place name settings, or large branded sweet rolls.

6. Sweets last

Edibles are nothing new when it comes to corporate gifting. Hampers have been the go-to Christmas gift for decades. Muffin baskets and other baked goods are popular for new parents. And more recently, veg boxes and smoothie baskets have become a thing. But they all have one major problem: shelf life. Swizzels corporate sweets have a shelf life of 10 months as standard. So, if you stock up for an event, but have leftovers, you have plenty of scope to use them again for another occasion.

Corporate sweets work on so many levels. They make people happy. They’re memorable. And they can be hugely cost-effective. So, if you’re looking for a way to catch your customers’ eyes or say ‘thank you’ to someone who is important to your business, get in touch to find out how Swizzels can help.

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