Wow! The 3 best wedding first dances … ever!

The nuptials are done and dusted.  The “I do’s” have been said, the bar is open and the Ushers, Bridesmaids and guests are keen to get the party started.  But hang on there!  Whoa!  Not yet!  We need a first dance!  It doesn’t matter if the groom is more Travolta or Travolting on the dancefloor, no wedding celebration is complete without loved up couple strutting their stuff in front of their family and friends.  So here are the craziest, wildest, most surprising first dances to inspire you to disco, waltz or foxtrot into creating the best wedding memories ever.

Heavenly moves on a hoverboard

To keep on trend in 2016, what better way to dance than …on a hoverboard?  Wait, what?  Yep, London couple Louise Clohesy, 32, and Michael Kelly, 34, surprised guests by performing a fantastically creative routine on two hoverboards to “Help Yourself” by the maestro himself, Mr. Tom Jones.  At the end of the routine, the guests went wild, cheering and whooping, as gold confetti showered down by the bucket-load.

Smooth moves and magic tricks wow wedding guests

Gorgeous couple Justin Willman & bride Jillian Sipkins got married in Malibu, California and entertained, delighted, amazed and spell-bound guests with a beautiful routine that ended with some mystifying magic.  Has to be seen to be believed!

Beautiful couple get down and dirty

In 2015 these newlyweds elegantly performed a dance routine to a medley of sexy, sultry and catchy songs.  The slow start was all a rouse, lulling the wedding guests into a false sense of security.   Quickly, however the tempo picked up, reaching a pinnacle with the ever popular theme from the movie “Dirty Dancing.”  The groom, incidentally, performed the lift consummate ease, to rapturous applause and wild cheering.

The lesson?

Well, if you want people to talk about your wedding for years to come, then you need to be different – ideally in a good way!  Be original, practice your routine, make sure you’re both willing to invest time into creating something special, but above all, do something that expresses your love and be yourself.

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