You won’t believe these wedding proposals

Thinking of popping the question but need a bit of inspiration?  Learn from us!  LoveHearts.com asked our fantastic customers the following question:

“What’s the craziest or most original wedding proposal you’ve ever heard of?”

…and it turns out you’re a wild and wonderful bunch that have experienced some magical, romantic and just downright weird proposals.  Here are a selection of the ones that caught our eye……

The flash mob wedding proposal

What a melodious bunch you are!  Many of you were very keen to point out that music is indeed the food of love, by suggesting flash mobs as a great way to propose.   Bruno Mars seems to be a particular favourite!

we agree. This is a must-watch video and a super-cool way to propose.  Thanks to our Swizzels.com customer Adrian who sent us this link.

Downright goofy!

Many of you suggested proposing at the top of a roller coaster or at a theme park, but a very specific one caught our eye.  The most “goofy” proposal idea of all (literally), comes from Phil Hough who says:

“My friends went to Disneyland and they got Micky and Minnie to help them do the proposal”
Phil Hough

“When they guy fell backwards off the roof of a building & his fiancée looked down to see if he was ok & he’d landed on a big blow up mat & “will you marry me?” was written.”
Sadie Kennedy

“A friend proposed by writing ‘will you marry me?’ on his chest. He took his girlfriend on a picnic and got her to go skinny dipping – all was then revealed when he stripped off”
Debbie Wilds

“A friend is a landscape gardener and he wrote marry me using big trees in pots then flew his fiancé in a helicopter over them.”
Jeanette Hoskins

“Proposal in alphabet spaghetti”
Christine Stephens

River deep, mountain high!

By far the most popular idea was to propose either in the air – in a hot air balloon, at the edge of a cliff, bungee jumping or skydiving – or under the sea, scuba diving.   Clearly, a simple marriage proposal on dry land is too straightforward for you!

These were our favourites in this category:

“A friend of a friend proposed on a cliff top, he had written marry me on the beach with material and asked someone to light it on fire so that it lit up in the dark for her to see”
Jen Malyon

“My parents – at the bottom of the sea when they discovered a new shipwreck that had not been found before”
Catherine Okey

“A friend’s girlfriend was having a family BBQ when he parachuted from a military aircraft into her back garden and proposed to her!”
Claire Gledhill

“Underwater proposal! A boyfriend laid out pebbles underwater on a diving trip to spell out Marry me.   Romantic!”
Emma Watson

“I was proposed to on the edge of a cliff in America.  I thought he was enjoying the view…[but he actually]  set a camera up [to] video the lot.”
Cala Green

“Diving into the sea pulling out a clam shell and opening it with a box/ ring inside”
Daniel Wicking

“Took a private plane ride and in the fields below the proposal was written with hay stacks”
Natasha Douglas

“Underwater on a scuba diving expedition, a friend of mine turned round to see her boyfriend there with a ring in his hand, asking her to marry him.”
Mary Baldwin

You ol’ romantic!

Despite the more outlandish ways to propose there still seems to be a group of old (and young!) romantics that take an old fashioned idea and give it an original twist…

“Girl arrived home Friday night from long week at work. She found herself having to follow a trail of post it stickers that lead from the front door to the bedroom following a set of clues that lead to a man on one knee dressed in a penguin suit trying to hold a ring in his fin..”
Cat McCann

“My husband’s proposal was on a boat, on the Hudson River, overlooking the Manhattan skyline. Not the most original or craziest but perfect to me!”
Kerri Kellett

“Printing ‘will you marry me’ on your baby’s onesy….”
David Bracegirdle

“Proposed to with Love Heart sweets saying “Will You” and “Marry Me!”
Lauren Swain

“[At] New Year’s Eve and on the countdown the music stopped and my boyfriend – now husband – got down on one knee and proposed”

“I had being going on about sparkly snow in Sweden in the evenings when light shines on it. We were staying at the Ice Hotel and … my (now) husband said …”come and look at this sparkly snow” in his hand was a small mound of snow with my engagement ring in it! Sparkly snow proposal! 🙂 Happy days!”
Joanne Newstead


We love all kinds of proposals.  Usually they’re easy enough to categorise… and then we found these.
Just. A. Bit. Weird.  (in an amazingly awesome kind of way).

“Proposing after running a marathon – having to run all that way trying to keep the ring safe – with no pockets!”
Judith Leadbeater

“My husband proposed during a bank review in front of the bank manager!!”
Kelly Knowles

A friend was proposed to while she was on the toilet”
Clare Parker

…and finally

“My dad proposed to my mum the day he met her.”
Rhiannon Hendry

…Which totally reminded us of this…

However you choose (or chose!) to pop the big question, it is sure to be an experience you will treasure forever. Check out Swizzels.com for ways to make your wedding just as unforgettable as the proposal.

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