Simply complete an activity on the Drumstick Bucket List below to enter!

To celebrate Drumstick’s landmark birthday, we’re asking the nation to help complete an activity from the bucket list below. All that is required is evidence of a Drumstick completing the activity.

The winners

  1. Meet a pug.
  2. Crowd surf.
  3. Write my name in the sand.
  4. Sleep under the stars.
  5. Climb a mountain.
  6. Go dancing.
  7. Get a gym selfie.
  8. Try yoga.
  9. Taste ice-cream.
  10. Relive the 80’s.
  11. Watch the sun set.
  12. Get handed to a random person.
  13. Go to a festival.
  14. Actually play the drums.
  15. Fly.
  16. Run a marathon.
  17. Sit on a motorbike.
  18. Swing on a tree swing.
  19. Skateboard.
  20. Get a selfie with a celebrity.
  21. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  22. See the Northern Lights.
  23. Visit Vegas.
  24. Be kissed.
  25. Relax in a hot tub.
  26. Be used as a chat up line.
  27. Go to the movies.
  28. Spin in a Waltzer.
  29. Play football.
  30. Visit a famous landmark.
  31. Be frozen.
  32. Be reviewed by a food critic.
  33. Get a picture with a Queen’s Guard.
  34. See a lighthouse.
  35. Photobomb someone.
  36. Be left as a tip.
  37. Be used as a miniature guitar.
  38. Get a selfie with a doppleganger.
  39. Use my wrapper as origami.
  40. Be filmed in slow motion.
  41. Graduate.
  42. Appear on Breakfast Television.
  43. Be made out of Lego®.
  44. Become art.
  45. Have a duvet day.
  46. Be on the cover of a magazine.
  47. Get a shout out on live radio.
  48. Have a song written about me.
  49. Go on a red carpet.
  50. Be part of a magic trick.
  51. Watch tennis at Wimbledon.
  52. Meet a dinosaur.
  53. Go Trampolining.
  54. Become a meme.
  55. Ride in a sports car.
  56. Visit a Zoo.
  57. DJ.
  58. Boogie at a wedding.
  59. Be left in geocache.
  60. Break a world record.