Super Sweet Fruit Pizza

Everyone loves pizza, right? But what about a SWEET pizza… try this delicious super sweet fruit pizza.

You will need:

  • Pre-made pizza dough (unless you want to make your own)
  • A mixture of fresh fruit, enough to cover the size of the pizza you want to make
  • 4 tbsp jam (any flavour)
  • 145g Squashies (we mixed our flavours together for this one)


  1. Preheat the oven to 200C/180C Fan/Gas 6.
  2. Roll out the dough into the shape and size of pizza that you desire.Big ones or mini ones both work great!
  3. Place the pizza dough into the lower third of the oven and bake for 14 to 16 minutes for a 12-inch pizza or 10 to 12 minutes for smaller 6-inch pizzas.
  4. Once crispy and brown, spread the jam over the pizza and load on the fruit.Sprinkling a few sweets amongst the fruit.
  5. If available, caramelise some of the sweets with a blowtorch until they start to bubble.
  6. Put the remaining sweets into a bowl and melt in the microwave for 20 seconds until soft.Add a splash of boiling water and stir hard.Drizzle the melted sweets over the pizza.
  7. Slice up and serve.

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