Our vision is our long term ambition. We are committed to our employees, and our belief that, when working together, we can grow as individuals and as an organisation.

We will delight the world with our fun sweets and innovative brands for the next 50 years and beyond.  Trust, quality and value will always remain paramount.

Through working together we will improve daily and create an inspiring environment, of which to be proud, where every employee and every detail matters.

We will achieve ambitious growth by investing in our people, infrastructure and pioneering technology.


Our goals outline our path to reaching our vision and are measurable.  Everything we do must fall within one of our strategic goals.

Proud to be part of Swizzels Matlow

Become the workplace and employer of choice.

Trusted brands and outstanding quality

To delight our customers with our trusted brands and ensure every sweet is produced with outstanding quality.  We are committed to delivering world-class customer satisfaction.

Maintain a safe environment

Create and maintain a safe, free from harm environment where safety is everyone’s priority.  Our aim is a zero accident workplace.

Continuously improve and innovate

Maintain competitive advantage through a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

Industry leading customer service

Our aim is to achieve at least 98.5% on time in full deliveries to our customers.

Profitable growth

We will achieve ambitious growth through investment in people and technology.  We aim to grow profitably year on year.


Our values describe the beliefs and behaviours that we should expect from ourselves and each other.

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