National Parma Violets Day

It’s the floral flavour that divides the nation but we’re here to celebrate our favourite purple sweet.

Heaven or Hell?

We asked the nation what their ideas of Parma Violets Heaven of Hell would be.

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Did you know...

  • Parma Violets shared a 70th birthday with Joanna Lumley and Noddy Holder in 2016, all great things to come out of 1946.

  • Parma Violets get their name from the delicate purple flowers of the Parma Violet plant.

  • Their perfumed flavour has an army of loyal fans and Swizzels make 100 million rolls of Parma Violets every year. Of course, it takes a discerning palate to appreciate their delicate flavour!

Parma Violets Cheese

You might think we’re crackers but last year we teamed up with The Cheshire Cheese Company to create Parma Violets Cheese!

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