Say hello to our NEW giant Marvellous Mallows

Our delicious Drumstick Marvellous Mallows are now available as one giant marshmallow. Whether you’re looking for a sweet snack, a topping for your hot chocolate or a fun addition to your recipes, Marvellous Mallows is the perfect go-to!

In a world where we have combined Drumstick and Marshmallows… anything is possible

These Marvellous Mallows bring you magic in every mouthful. Leave your humdrum standard marshmallow in the past and treat your taste buds with the latest enchanting creation from Swizzels.

Immerse yourself in a flavour sensation as we’ve combined the texture of a soft, fluffy mallow with the raspberry and milk flavour of a Drumstick Lolly.

Make your baking extraordinary, magic up your s’mores, sprinkle on your hot chocolate, toast by the campfire. Let your imagination run wild… the possibilities are endless.