10 things we love about winter


The perfect item of clothing to keep you feeling warm and comfortable. Who doesn’t love a jumper?

Frosty mornings

Yes, it may be cold, but we just love seeing the picturesque frost lining the ground in the mornings.

Cosy nights in

Forget a big night out, it’s now all about a big night in! Choose a film, grab some sweet treats and snuggle up for a chilled-out evening. Why not light some candles to add an element of calm?

Hot water bottles

The perfect winter warmer, don’t forget to leave yours in bed for a bit before you head off to sleep so you’re greeted to the joys of a warm welcoming bed!

Christmas, duh!

Obviously the main event, Christmas is possibly our favourite part of winter!

Fluffy pyjamas

Why not make it a tradition to buy yourself a new pair of fluffy PJ’s every winter? Treat yourself!


They’re comfortable to walk in, keep your feet warm, and no one can see if you’re wearing odd socks. The perfect shoe.

Hearty meals

There’s something about a winter’s day that makes tucking into a hot comforting meal all the more enjoyable.

Snow… maybe

If we’re lucky enough, seeing flurries of snowflakes adds a magical touch to winter and makes us feel like a kid again.

Festive food and drink

Mince pies, festive spiced hot drinks and pigs in blankets… need we say more?

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