Keep Cool with Swizzels Freezable Pops

There is no shortage of Swizzels freeze at home Freeze Pops available from the UK’s leading retailers.  The selection includes: Love Hearts, Refreshers, Fruity Pops and Drumstick.

There’s a 5 pack Swizzels Push Up with 3 flavours of soft sorbet: Drumstick Cherry and Apple, Refreshers Strawberry and Fruity Pops Blackcurrant.

The Push Ups are made with fruit juice and natural colour and each one is only 20 calories.

Swizzels famous Refreshers certainly live up to their name as freeze pops! The new “family packs” can be found in leading stores such as B&M and Aldi.

These are not just your standard freeze pops. The delicious flavours; raspberry, strawberry, pineapple, lemon and apple can be shared with your family and friends by breaking them in half once they’re frozen – sharing is caring!

Refreshers 2in1 POPs can be found in One Below, QD Stores and Poundland and Love Hearts 2in1 POPs can be found in QD Stores and Farmfoods.

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