Posh Paws

Every foodie out there needs their favourite food in a fun, cuddly and sentimental plush form and the brand new soft toy range from Posh Paws is guaranteed to deliver just that…and more!

The Posh Paws soft toy collection is full of character and with their heartfelt and cheeky messaging they make the perfect present for friends, family, loved ones or even if you fancy treating yourself.

All the adorable soft toys have been made using the highest quality and softest fabrics to make them the perfect gift idea or stocking filler. Each foodie friends character measures approximately. 7” in height (19cm) and are suitable for ages 12M+.

Love Hearts Dolly the Doughnut Soft Toy.

Available from AMAZON , Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

Dolly the Doughnut has a care-free attitude and outlook on most difficult or tough situations, with her popular ‘donut worry’ saying – who do you know that needs to be more like Dolly, or is that you? Sprinkle a bit of happiness with this perfect treat or gift to anyone that you know who needs to be reminded to not worry and be happy.

Love Hearts Frenchy the Fries Soft Toy.

Available from ARGOS , Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

Do you know anyone that stays loyal to the code ‘fries before guys’? Then show them some appreciation with our super cute Frenchy the Fries cuddly plush and let them know that you will always put your ‘friendchip’ first. Or perhaps you know someone that needs to be reminded of the code…? Frenchy even makes for the perfect gift for someone that just loves fries.

Love Hearts Patrick the Pizza Soft Toy.

Available from AMAZON, Sainsbury’s and Tesco.


What better way to start your day than looking at a delicious slice of pizza that is wishing you to ‘have a slice day’? Patrick the Pizza may be a little cheesy but is ideal for treating yourself to or gifting a friend or loved one, that you want to tell them to always have a nice day. Or why not gift to your pizza loving friend or partner for their birthday.

Love Hearts Brian the Broccoli Soft Toy.

Available from ARGOS , Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

Do you, or know anyone, that likes to ‘live life on the veg’ like our adorable Broc-star Brian the Broccoli? Brian makes for the perfect treat or gift, to those that like to try new things and that have a ‘give it a go’ adventurous attitude. Every now and again, everyone should be more like Brain the Broccoli and take a little risk. Brian also make a great gift for vegan friends in your life.

Love Hearts Alan the Avocado Soft Toy

Available from ARGOS

Do you know anyone that loves cuddles and avocado’s or even just cuddles? Alan the Avocado will make the perfect gift for someone that needs a hug. Perhaps you can’t get to see them and he’ll give them a great big hug for you. (each sold separately)

Love Hearts Lionel the Lobster Soft Toy.

Available from ARGOS and Tesco.

It’s a known fact that lobsters fall in love and mate for life. Show your love and give the adorable Lionel the Lobster to show to your best mate or loved one as a gift, so they know just how much you love them. And for the Friends fans out there this was a famous line from the hit show where Phoebe exclaims Ross is Rachel’s lobster…if you know, you know!

Love Hearts Peter the Pineapple Soft Toy.

Available from MOONPIG.COM  and Sainsbury’s.

Peter the Pineapple is the cheekily romantic type who knows all the right things to say – who do you know that’s just like Peter? With his cute little face and squidgy pineapple hips, he’s sure to win your heart when he says, ‘you had me at aloha’. Peter the Pineapple will make the perfect gift for a friend or loved one and is sure to give them a smile too.

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