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5 Easy Ways to Enhance your Event Theme

When planning a themed party it is easy to pop into your local party store and pick up some props and fancy dress and get your guests in the spirit of your idea!  A theme however should be more than a few props; it should be an immersive experience that transports your guests from their first touch-point with the event.  In fact, the weirder the theme the easier it can be! The next time you want to create the ultimate party experience follow our 5 top tips on how to easily enhance your event theme.

1) Food and Drink

For some reason consumables are often left out of the theme planning!  Food and drink is a really easy way to add to your theme without breaking your budget. Why not create bespoke cocktail names and a custom menu?  If you have a colour theme you could even pop a drop of food colouring in your drinks.  Children will love a candy station if you are doing a Willy Wonka party and parents adore a Great British Bake Off style cake station! You could even give something away with your cocktails.  Planning a Christmas party?  Pop a little candy cane on the side of your drinks for a festive touch!

2) Decoration

Event décor and theming is obviously the number one go to area when designing a party!  Remember the event experience should start from the moment they walk in the door.  Props leading up to your entrance are a fun way to start the party journey and the bigger the better. People love anything they can take a picture with! With the Instagram generation snapping up 40 million photos per day worldwide it is no wonder we are all considering props and décor that attendees can nab a selfie with.

Chemistry Themed Party Cocktails
Shopping-themed catering

3) Staff

Dress them up, cover them in glitter and even make them perform! Your staff are your best asset for enhancing your theme as they are the ones interacting with your guests.  If you can ask you staff to be in character at all times you ensure the journey is never broken.  It is always fun to use them if you have a destination themed party and they are willing to add a few minimal accessories to their outfit.  Hawaii is a particular favourite and very easy to style.

4) Invitations

The party invitation is your guests’ first touch point with your event and therefore the first impression they will have of your theme.  Very few people are still using printed invitations but there is nothing better than receiving a branded paper invite in the post. Incorporate your theme by adding a few personal touches inside the envelope. A Mickey Mouse pencil for a Disney theme perhaps?  Or even a mini pot of glitter for your next princess party.

5) Entertainment

Entertainment is a fantastic way to improve your theme. Surprise entertainment works even better and for a theme that just keeps giving try using multiple smaller entertainment moments rather than one big set. Instead of booking a fixed band for your next event why not try a roaming quartet. They can pop up multiple times in your evening and are perfect if you are planning a Gatsby or ‘20s themed bash.

There you have it!  Our top 5 easy ways to enhance your event theme. We always love your feedback so get in touch with your theme-boosting party ideas!

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