Can you wear white to a wedding

You’ve been trawling through the shops, looking for the perfect outfit to wear to your best friend’s wedding. You’ve been looking for hours for an outfit, several of which you’ve tried on in dressing rooms with less-than-flattering lighting and you’re exhausted. Retail therapy? Retail hell more like! Just as you’re about to give in to “shopping fatigue” and take your poor, tired feet home, a dress in a window catches your eye.  Your heart leaps with joy: it’s flawless! Classically shaped, not too short and has a pretty rose embellishment which will fit the with the wedding’s white rose theme perfectly! Wait…oh no…it’s white!

And so, the prevailing question of ‘Can I wear white to a wedding?’ hits. If you wear it, do you risk becoming the wedding’s tabloid gossip? You imagine whispers of “she’s trying to upstage the bride”, “what was she thinking?” and “some friend that is!” travelling around the room. Or worse still – guests will congratulate you on your big day, thinking that YOU are in fact the bride!

Of course, there is also the argument that the “No White Rule” is outdated. Could it be that this custom belongs to a world of historic wedding etiquette (which also includes the bride vowing to ‘obey’ her husband and the veil signifying the groom taking possession of his wife)? A lot of brides don’t even wear white these days, so what’s the big deal?

Well, that’s the point; it is the bride’s deal. It’s her day, and it’s her rules. So try and feel out the situation with the bride/groom and their family. Chances are, they won’t even mind that you’re wearing white – but it’s always best to check!

What do you think? Have you ever worn white to a wedding or is it a complete no-go area for you? Let us know by tweeting you thoughts to @LoveHearts_UK

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