Christmas Sweets for Sharing

Everyone knows that one of the best things about Christmas is the food. Not just that gluttonous feast on the big day. But the excuse it gives you in the run up and days after.

‘is that your fourth mince pie?’

‘It’s Christmas!’

‘Are you having sweets for breakfast?’

‘It’s Christmas!’

‘Why are you eating butterscotch just before dinner?’

‘It’s Christmas!’

And no one can argue. Because, well, it’s Christmas! But while personal indulgence is always fun, the nicest thing about the occasion is the opportunity for treating and sharing. If yours is a household that keeps sweets and treats back for the special occasions, we have a few suggestions to help make this Christmas Swizzelicious!

Swizzels Top 5 Christmas Sweets for Sharing

Christmas 5kg Swizzels Sharing Tub

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a family, planning on treating the office or simply want some Christmas sweets to share with friends and family at home, the Christmas 5kg Swizzels Sharing Tub could be the ultimate solution. It has lollipops. It has chews. There are fizzy things. And a wealth of old favourites. From Parma Violets to Drumsticks, there’s something for every sweet tooth to savour.

750g Swizzels Sweet Shop Favourites

While the little sweeties in the sharing tubs are always welcome, there are times that you want something more. The 750g Swizzels Sweet Shop Favourites box brings you a full-sized selection! So, you have your Refreshers and your Love Heart packs, but you also get Double Dips and Squashies. As far as Christmas sweets go, that takes some beating!

3kg (250 rolls) Party Pack of Love Heart Mini Rolls

If you’re hosting a party, what could go better with all that mistletoe than a bumper pack of Love Hearts? Christmas is a time of romance and of sharing. Love Hearts were made for both things! Sweet on multiple levels, they will bring a smile to many faces.

Swizzels Sweet Hampers

Who knows why hampers are synonymous with Christmas?  We just know that they are. And if you want to give a hamper with a difference, forget the pink peppercorns and the jars of fermented fish that will never leave the cupboard they’re put into. Go for something sweet from Swizzels. Prices for our Christmas sweet hampers range from £2.99 to £21.99, or you can put together your own. What a lovely gift to give. And what a lovely way to treat your family.

Swizzels Pick n Mix

Finally, if you’re looking for a party centrepiece, or simply a jar of goodies for all-comers to dip into, why not pick n mix from the Swizzels Christmas sweets collection? Decorate a box or jar with festive pizazz, then go wild with your family’s favourites. Fizzers, butterscotch, Rainbow Drops or barley sugar. Add in some lollies, whistles and dips and you’ve got every taste covered!

There are so many things to love about Christmas. The sentiment, the family time, the smiles, the food, the gifts, the sparkle, the overall mood. But if you ask us, the Christmas sweets have to be right up there too!

And don’t forget, if you’re making your own advent calendar, Swizzels sweets can make the perfect little daily presents, or you can just buy theirs!

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