Christmas Sweets Gifts for All the Family

Ah, Christmas, it has to be the sweetest time of year! Mince pies and mulled wine, yule logs and eggnog, Christmas cake and candy canes, and best of all, those sweet Christmas gifts! There’s nothing better on Christmas morning than pulling something sweet out of your stocking, or finding an intriguingly rattly package under the tree. But what are the best sweets to put a smile on those Christmas morning faces? Here’s our guide…

The Best Christmas Sweets Gifts for All the Family

The littlies

A few sweets go a long way when you’re little. So, packed to bursting with 750g of goodness is our Sweet Shops Favourites tub, a Christmas treat that should keep on going until the New Year celebrations at least! Looking for something with a little bit more variety? Make them smile with a personalised letterbox-friendly hamper. It will tick all the taste boxes without overdoing the sugar.

The in-betweens

Personalised Love hearts gift tubes are one of those truly flexible gifts that can be a romantic gesture between lovers, an ironic emblem for teens, or just a really cool gift for a 9-year-old. Made to order, with the recipient’s name printed on the outer tube in Swizzels Love Hearts’ iconic font, and filled with mini Love hearts rolls, there is nothing not to love! Shopping for someone who’s less into Love Hearts, but more into chews? Our Drumstick gift set has it all – Drumstick chocolate, lollies, Choos, even a limited edition pair of Drumstick socks. Swanky!

The teens

When you’re parenting teens, sometimes all you want is to see a little glimpse of that cute inner-child peeking through the serious exterior. We can’t make any promises, but there’s a good chance that a Swizzels personalised hamper could make that happen! With different sizes and contents available, it’s easy to find the perfect Christmas sweet treat for the not-quite adult in your life.

The parents

Some are reluctant to admit it, but most adults have a sweet tooth. And most adults have at least one sweet that makes happy memories flow. And that’s what retro sweets are all about. Whether it’s a whole tub of Fizzy Cola Bottles, a bucketload of Double Lollies, or a pick n mix bag to end all pick n mixes, there is a Christmas sweet gift for every parent – you just need to find out what they fancy!

The Grandparents

If there’s anyone in the family with a real penchant for Parma Violets, it’s probably going to be Granny or Grandad. And our super Parma Violets tube makes the perfect pocket money present for any children who want to share in the Christmas spirit. Or, if you want to knock their Christmas socks off, we have a 3kg bag of Parma Violets to keep them going for the whole of the next year!

The family vegan or vegetarian

Buying vegan sweets isn’t always easy. Whether it’s honey or gelling agents, there’s a whole range of sweet ingredients that aren’t friendly to vegetarians and vegans. Which can take the shine off celebrations like Christmas. That’s why we’ve changed a  raft of our sweet recipes to accommodate a plant-based diet. Whether you’re looking for a small sweet stocking filler, like a  packet of Puds, or need something a little more substantial, like a  personalised sweet hamper, we have your vegan Christmas sweet gifts sorted!

Sweets have always been an integral part of Christmas. They’re a piece of the indulgence that epitomises the season. The only really tricky question is, what sweet are you going to treat yourself with?

Why not visit the Swizzels sweet shop for inspiration?

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