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Did you know we’ve recently overhauled our corporate offering to allow businesses (or anyone for that matter) the option to upload their own images to our iconic Love Hearts wrappers? You can try it right here.

Why Love Hearts for Business?

Love Hearts have been among Swizzels biggest sellers since their creation in 1954. Originally aimed at children, they fast became a favourite amongst all age groups. Viewed in turn as sweet, romantic and iconic, they now appeal to young and old. Reviving childhood memories, building on nostalgia and simply making people happy.

But what’s that got to do with business? Well, everything, really.

Love Hearts can be used in a variety of corporate settings:

  • B2C – At public exhibitions or publicity drives, a customised bucket of sweets can really catch the attention. Everyone loves a freebie, and if that freebie has your name on it, you’re more likely to be remembered. Especially if that freebie can be eaten and makes people smile.
  • B2B – The next time you’re looking to renew a corporate contract, or seeking to thank a supplier, personalised love hearts – giant rolls or small favours – could be the perfect option to literally sweeten the deal.
  • In-house – Corporate events always run the risk of being boring, Love Hearts can brighten any occasion. Use them as personalised place settings, create a candy buffet, or add them to a personalised swag bag.

With our new photo upload facility, you have the opportunity to go heavy on the humour. You could create something beautiful. Or you could simply stick to your company logo. What design you choose and how you use Swizzels Love Hearts is entirely down to you. But we do recommend that you use them!

How to Order Love Hearts for Business

You can try our new image upload functionality right here. If you need extra help with something special, or a particularly large order, our sales team are always here to assist – 0800 970 0480 or e-mail customer.support@swizzels-matlow.com.

From inception, Swizzels has always been about innovation. Let us help innovate your corporate occasions too. 

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