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Rewarding and thanking employees is as important as thanking customers. There is a wealth of academic research explaining the link between happy employees and company success.  Basically, a happy employee is more fulfilled at work which leads to increased productivity.  They are also more loyal, have a boosted morale and are more inclined to praise the company they work for to customers or potential customers.  They become enthusiastic brand ambassadors and support the values of the organisation. All of this drives greater productivity for the company so it is no wonder more businesses are showing appreciation to their workforce by giving them the odd present. But when is the best time to reward your employees?

Occasions to give a gift

Whilst it is entirely valid to reward your employees at Christmas, managers should be aware that seasonal gifts often don’t speak to the merits of an individual. It is more impactful to give a gift as a thanks for a specific piece of work they may have completed. Examples may be: giving an impressive presentation to clients, holding a productive meeting or even doing all that filing work that has been hanging over the office for ages.

If a completed task is outside of the employee’s daily duties and comfort zone, a little thank you gift for a job well done will not go amiss.

What to give

Getting the right gift can be tricky.  Not everyone wants the same thing, and you don’t want to give something overly personal.

Rewarding an office or a team with a hamper of sweets is very cost effective and well received.  Whilst it is not suitable in all cases, as some may have dietary requirements, generally it receives a big “thumbs-up” because there’s a treat for everyone.

Shop.lovehearts.com’s hampers can be personalised if required and are economical so are suitable for most company budgets.  They also offer fantastic vegetarian and gluten-free hamper options too.  They arrive carefully boxed and bursting with dazzling, colourful, retro confectionery which will be loved – and devoured – by all.

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