Five Things to Do with Love Hearts this Valentine’s Day

February 14th might be just around the corner, but it’s not going to be quite the same this year. Whether you’re locked down away from your lover, locked up with your family, or happily single, there are still things that you can do to make Valentine’s Day feel special. After all, we could all do with a little love – and lots of smiles – right now. And a well-timed hug between friends can sometimes be worth more than even the biggest romantic gesture. Even if it’s virtual. 

So, we thought we’d share a few ideas to help you share the love with Love Hearts this Valentine’s Day.

Five Things to Do with Love Hearts this Valentine’s Day

1. Send a sweet treat

If you know someone who’s spending lockdown alone, why not make their Valentine’s Day with a little sweet treat through the post? With this year being more of a ‘thinking of you/missing you’ kind of Valentine’spersonalised Love Hearts Gift Tube, or maybe a Letterbox Sweets Hamper (complete with Love Hearts) is a lovely way to let someone know that you’re thinking about them and that they’re not alone, even if you can’t be with them right now. This is also a great option to send to grandparents, children who are missing the fun of Valentine’s Day at school, or even a little pick-me-up for yourself. And businesses, if you’re missing having your team on site, a little Valentine’s gift can be a fun way of showing that you care, and are looking forward to seeing everyone again when it’s back to business as normal. 

2. Make cute ice cubes

If your children aren’t that keen on drinking water, or you’re simply looking for a fun way to jazz up your drinks, try making Love Hearts ice cubes. The best way to preserve the shape is to freeze a small layer of water in the bottom of your ice cube tray. Add a Love Heart to each tray, top with very cold water and return to the freezer. As they melt, they’ll add a subtle sweetness to your drinks. And they look really cute!

3. Make a Love Hearts cake

Take a basic sponge cake recipe – any flavour you like, but we find that vanilla and lemon flavours work best. If you’ve got a springform heart-shaped cake tin, use that. If not, any old cake tin will do. And if you’re feeling creative, you can always make heart templates out of baking paper and cut around them. Once cooked and cooled, cut into two layers and slap a generous portion of your favourite jam between the two. Then ice and top with Love Hearts. A basic water icing will pick up the fizz of the Love Hearts. If you prefer an indulgent butter icing, you can blitz a packet of Love Hearts into a fine powder, and mix that with your butter and icing sugar for a special Love Hearty flavour. The perfect sweet treat for the whole family to share… or to eat on your own!

4. Love Hearts ‘cocoa’

This is a great idea that we found on the American blog, Smart School House. Swizzels Love Hearts aren’t available in the US, but they have a very similar product (only minus the Swizzels ‘wow’, obviously!) called Conversation Hearts. And this recipe can be made in exactly the same way, using Love Hearts. The idea is basically to blend strawberry milkshake powder with white hot chocolate and mix into boiling milk. You could add in some powdered Love Hearts too, if you fancied it. Top with whipped cream, and Love Hearts ‘sprinkles’ – made by smashing up a handful of Love Hearts in a plastic bag – and you’re done. And if you’re feeling really creative, you could use them to line the rim of your mug too – first make the sprinkles, then use a clear syrup to line the lip of your favourite mug, and roll it around in the sprinkles. Pop on a saucer with a couple of your favourite Love Hearts on the side – et voilà! 

It’s definitely one for the kids, but sweet-toothed adults may enjoy it too!

5. Love Hearts and chill

Finally, something that requires zero effort, but everyone will enjoy. Stock up on mini Love Hearts rolls. Pop the packets in a bowl for easy sharing. Then snuggle up on the sofa in front of a family film. Aaaaand relax. (Parents, you might want to try one of those ice cubes in a cocktail while you’re at it!)

Valentine’s Day will be different this year. And it will be hard for anyone who might have to face it alone. But if we’re all kind to each other and spread a little love, we’ll all get through it together. 

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