Five Wedding Sweet Trends for 2022

The use of sweets as part of wedding celebrations has become increasingly popular in recent years. They bring fun and ignite memories, as well as providing a snack for guests to munch while waiting for food to arrive. But what is the best way to incorporate sweets into your 2022 wedding?

Our Five Favourite Ways to Use Sweets at a Wedding this Year

Seat markers

You know how, no matter how lovely and emotional the occasion is, weddings can sometimes feel like they last forever? Your tummy starts rumbling. Your concentration wavers. That’s where sweet wedding ceremony seat markers can come into play! They don’t need to be personalised. Just pop a roll of appropriate sweets (Love Hearts make a great choice!) on each seat for your guest to discover on arrival. There’s no better way to perk them up and get them ready to enjoy the occasion!

Wedding favours

Wedding favours have been common for centuries. With the earliest recorded wedding favour dating back to the 16th century. But as lovely as the tradition is, it runs the risk of carrying great expense. Even if you’re only spending a couple of pounds on each guest, for larger weddings the bill can run into the hundreds. Sweets can help you to cap the price, while still showing your appreciation. And you have a whole range of options. For many couples, a simple paper bag containing a few sweets, tied with a ribbon and popped on each plate spells perfection. Others prefer a more personalised approach. ‘Just married’ Love Hearts adorned with your names and wedding date can be a lovely – and affordable – gesture. Providing a keepsake as well as a sweet treat.

Candy buffet

Candy buffets, sweet carts, bars, and tables are great for weddings. They’ve been popular for a while now, but show absolutely no sign of going out of fashion for 2022. Why? Because they are so much fun. How you stage it is down to you. But in most instances, it will involve jars or tubs of your favourite sweetsit’s really easy to bulk buy from Swizzels – a couple of serving scoops, and some paper bags. This not only provides an inevitable focal point for your younger guests, but adults love sweet carts too. And if done well, it can play an important part in your décor.

Sweet bouquet table arrangements

This is probably the newest trend for wedding sweets. But if you know someone who is clever and crafty, they may just be able to fashion sweet bouquets to adorn your wedding tables. The idea is that they replicate traditional floral arrangements, and look cute and quirky while providing snacks for your guests. If you’ve limited space at your venue but like the idea of a candy cart, this can be a great, easily accessible compromise. Not too sure about the crafty side? Glass bowls full of pick ‘n’ mix or Love Hearts will easily do the same job.

Place name settings

If you’re hosting a formal reception with carefully organised tables, you’ll need place name settings. And personalised giant Love Hearts take some beating. The wrappers can be saved for posterity, and the sweets can be enjoyed. And if you’re working on a tighter budget, they can double up as wedding favours too.

Sweets and weddings go hand-in-hand. And there are all sorts of ways to use them. They can be personalised, colour-coded, or used to bring little rainbows of happiness to your guests and venue. Whatever way you choose to incorporate sweets into your wedding, we have every confidence that it will be spectacular!

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