Four Reasons Why Love Hearts Make The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Mothers have been honoured throughout history. From the Ancient Egyptian festival for ‘mother’ Isis, and the Roman celebration of Rhea and Cybele, through to the Christian Mother Mary, and Mothering Sunday. We celebrate our mums because without them we wouldn’t be here. For most of us, they provided the nurturing love we needed to grow. And we present gifts on special days to thank them for that. But choosing the right gift can be tricky. Regardless of your budget, you want to find a gift that means something. A gift that will make mum smile. And we think that gift could be Love Hearts!

Love Hearts: The Sweetest Mother’s Day Gift

Why do so many people love Love Hearts?

Love Hearts are probably the most iconic sweets that Swizzels produce. They’re not our oldest – that honour goes to Rainbow Drops, which have been in production since the 1930s. And they’re not our most controversial – we know that Parma Violets aren’t for everyone! But if you were to create a list of the top ten sweets that you remember from childhood, Love Hearts would probably feature. Not necessarily for their flavour – although they do taste good, even if we do say so ourselves. But for their sentiment. Because nothing could beat being given a special Love Heart by a friend when you were seven. Or the joy of choosing which friend should receive which message. And it’s that sentiment that continues to make Swizzels Love Hearts so popular today.

Why Choose Love Hearts for Mother’s Day

1. Love Hearts are full of memories

OK, so we’ve sort of covered that point above. But if Love Hearts always made up a part of your sweets ‘mixture’ when you were a kid, we are 99.99% certain that you would have chosen special messages to give to your mum. Because it’s what every child did – and does today. And although they were just sweets, the thought that went into selecting those messages would have meant a lot. And a little package of Mother’s Day Love Hearts will bring memories of you at your sweetest flooding back to mum.

2. They can be personalised

Original Love Hearts are awesome. And there’s only one way to improve upon that perfection – by personalising our iconic wrappers! Simply select the Personalised Love Hearts from the Swizzels store, choose the ‘Mum’ background, and add your four lines of personal message. You can preview your message on screen before checkout, to ensure that everything is as it should be. Then you just have to wait a few days for them to land on your doorstep! So, Mum not only gets lovely sweets to eat, but a lasting keepsake to treasure.

3. Love Hearts taste great

We probably don’t need to elaborate here. But if it’s been a while since you last tasted Love Hearts, they really are good. Seven generations of kids will tell you so! They’re sweet, and tingly, and can be sucked or crunched. They make wonderful cake decorations, or can be gobbled up alone. Love Hearts taste great. There’s nothing more to be said!

4. Make mum feel young at (Love) heart

While there’s little doubt that your mum will remember you selecting special Love Hearts to give to her, there’s also every chance that she’ll remember giving them to people herself. Whether it was the BFF she’s not seen for the last 20 years, or that boy in year 8 who made her young heart sing. Taste is known to bring back memories. And what a great gift memories can be.

The perfect choice for mums with children of all ages, our personalised Love Hearts make a truly sweet gesture. And sometimes the smallest gestures can create the biggest impact. What better way to make mum smile this Mother’s Day?

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