Gluten-free Goodies: Our Five Favourite Gluten-free Sweet Treats

Although there are an increasing number of gluten-free products available in supermarkets now, the need to be careful of everything you eat is tiring and tedious. And for children, it often means that you miss out on treats, simply because other people don’t know what it is safe to give you. That’s why, at Swizzels, we’ve worked to make as many of our favourite retro sweets as possible gluten-free.

Our Top Five Favourite Gluten-Free Swizzels Sweets

Love Hearts

Love Hearts will always be towards the top of any favourite sweets list. Not just because they taste amazing, with their tingly fruity fizz. But because they’re fun and cute too. They’re also Halal, vegan-friendly, free from artificial colours, and, of course, gluten-free.


Their texture may be fluffier than Love Hearts, but Squashies are also on our gluten-free list. Available in four incredibly moreish flavours – five if you count our Easter favourites, Squashies Drumchicks – Squashies are the lightest, fluffiest, foam gum around! And our brand new Rhubarb and Custard flavour is really something to get your teeth around!

Double Lollies

Not unlike a giant Love Heart in flavour, Double Lollies provide the ultimate mouthful. These lollies were made for savouring. So, if you’re looking for a sweet treat that will last more than a fleeting moment, these gluten-free bad boys will always do the trick.

Double Dip

You have your Swizzelstick. You have your orange sherbet. And you have your cherry sherbet. With the magnificent Double Dip, you essentially have three gluten-free treats in one. But it does come with a problem – how do you eat yours? Do you go for the traditional dip? Do you go for the big tingling Swizzels sensation, and empty the sherbet into your mouth for one tastebud-exploding hoorah, then savour the Swizzelstick at your leisure? Or, do you combine the two?

Refreshers Chew Bars

Whether you go for the original lemon Refresher, or select one of our newer inventions, such as the incredible Sour Apple, Refresher bars have a lot to offer. For starters, they take an age to eat, so provide plenty of satisfaction. But that would be worth nothing, were they not also sweet and sherbety and thoroughly delicious!

With a very few exceptions, the vast majority of Swizzels sweets are gluten-free. From old favourites, like Fruity Pops, to our newer inventions like our marvellous Minions sweets. So, if you’re ever stuck for inspiration when looking to treat someone with any form of gluten sensitivity, you know that it’s safe to walk this way. And head on over to the Swizzels section of your local sweet shop or supermarket.

Stock up on your gluten-free sweets at the Swizzels Sweetshop today. 

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