Hampers, Tubs & Other Sweet Easter Alternatives for People Who Don’t Like Chocolate

Tell almost anyone that you don’t like chocolate and you’ll be greeted by a look of near-horror. Shock and confusion will pass across their features. Then incredulity will settle in. You might as well say that you don’t like kittens, sunshine, or breathing. And now, here we are with Easter fast approaching. So, what’s to be done for the anti-chocolate brigade at this cocoa-rich time of year? While you could just leave them to sit out Easter, we think it would be kinder to investigate some gifting alternatives. And so, we’ve done just that!

Five Chocolate-Free Easter Treats

 A Swizzels Hamper

The really great thing about Swizzels sweets hampers is that there’s one for every budget. With prices starting at £7.99, whether you’re looking for a little treat to make someone smile, or a statement show-stopper, we have just the thing for you. From single-sweet extravaganzas, to multi-product veggie and vegan mixes, our hampers tick all the taste-bud-tingling boxes. And if you really want to wow, you can even build your own. So, if you know someone with a super-sweet tooth, a Swizzels hamper could deliver an Easter to remember.

Personalised Love Hearts

Are you sweet on someone? Personalised Love Hearts make a perfectly charming gift for the [prospective] love of your life. Simply choose your message, write your text and Swizzels will do the rest. A beautifully presented bag of utterly unique sweets will be winging their way to your sweetie before you can say ‘Swizzels’!

Swizzels Party Tub

One large plastic bucket. Five whole kilograms of Swizzels sweets. If you’re looking for Easter goodies for a family, or just someone who really enjoys their sweets, this is the perfect gifting option. Offering a mix of all of Swizzels most popular sweets, this party tub could satisfy the sweetest of teeth right up until Christmas… It just depends on how good the recipient is at sharing!

Gluten-free Sweets

While pure chocolate is gluten-free, so much is mixed into chocolate these days that it can be a bit of a minefield for those suffering from coeliac disease. If you’re unsure what you should be a buying, a Swizzels Gluten-Free Hamper could be a tasty, yet completely safe option. With a range of choices available, there is something for every taste. From simple Parma Violets and Squashies, to a wonderfully mixed basket of Swizzels treats.

 Pick ‘n’ Mix

If you’re only after the substance rather than the style, Swizzels pick ‘n’ mix could really make someone’s Easter. Fill your boots from the complete cornucopia of our retro sweets, as well as our newer additions

Easter might have become a celebration of chocolate in recent years, but really, it’s all about celebrating life. Religious or otherwise, humans have celebrated springtime for millennia. It’s a time of continuance, renewal and rebirth. And it’s also a great time to celebrate family. Most people do that with the giving of gifts. But just because chocolate is traditional, it’s not the only Easter gift in town!

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