Host a Girl Power Galentines

As much as we love Valentine’s here at Love Hearts HQ, we’ve fallen head over heels for the ever-growing trend that is Galentines.

Whether you have a special someone in your life or not, we think all girls should take the time to also celebrate the bond we have with those besties you just can’t live without.

So, we’re here to give you some ideas to upgrade your typical sleepover to a gloriously girl power themed night.

Stock up on those pamper essentials

Face masks, nail varnish, eye masks… you name it, you need it! Take this time to really give yourselves a mini spa treat.

Pick a classic chick flick

No night in is complete without a good film and when you’re with your girls, a chick flick is the perfect choice. Think Bridget Jones, Mean Girls or The Notebook.

Download some karaoke diva tunes

Your friends shouldn’t care if you’re out of tune or the next Mariah Carey! Download some of your favourite shower songs and let loose with your tribe. You’ll be feeling like the ultimate girl group.

Upgrade your reading material

Yes, magazines are nice to flick through whilst your nail varnish dries but why not try something a bit grittier? There’s loads of books out there now on whichever topic interest you! You’ll have some great topics to discuss together.

Get crafty with a positive vibes supply

Get yourself some cute jars or small boxes and allocate one to each friend. Now, each of you should write on pieces of paper or post-its some of your favourite things about each of your friends. Once you’re all finished, each of you should have a collection of ‘positive vibes’ and uplifting compliments written personally about you by your nearest mates. Add some Love Hearts rolls in too for some a little treat and some extra messages. The perfect pick me up for a rainy day.

Create a group scrap book and fill with your favourite memories

Another crafty activity that will cement your friendship is to create a group scrapbook. Print off your fave photos from your antics together including selfies, travel snaps, memories from nights out etc. and stick them into a book that you can decorate to your hearts content!

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