How Do the Celebs Celebrate Valentine’s?

Let’s face it; we all want to be treated like A-List Hollywood stars on Valentine’s Day. With envy as our source of motivation, the love-spies here at LoveHearts.com did a bit of research into what the stars tend do on the 14th February and the results may surprise you. Hint: if you print this blog off and just happen to leave it where your significant other will see it you just MIGHT be treated like a princess for a day (but we can’t make any promises).

Jennifer Anniston

Source: People, USA

Yep. Jennifer Anniston’s beau went the whole hog and took her up the Eiffel Tower for Valentine’s Day. Jealous, us? The most romantic city in the world is further away for Americans than it is for us British lot so there’s really no excuse for your boyfriend not to treat you à la French

Jessica Alba

We all know that sweets are the route to our hearts (link to love hearts shop) and when that fails, we guess flowers will do. However, Jessica Alba’s flowers aren’t your run-of-the-mill/picked-up-from-Tesco flowers. This bouquet happens to be so big we’re frankly surprised the florist managed to get them through the door.

Kendall Jenner

Being single on Valentine’s Day refuses to be a miserable affair for one of the Kendall/Jenner clan. Yep, that’s right – Kendall Jenner asks the question “who needs a man when you’ve got pizza?” and by the look of her Instagram post from Valentine’s 2016 the answer is quite simply NO-ONE

Victoria Beckham

When you’re the Beckham’s and money is not object, there’s probably pretty much nothing in the world you cannot get (it’s reported their North London mansion is 9000 square feet for goodness sake!) It probably makes sense, then, that on Valentine’s Day they receive cherished homemade cards from their kids. Everyone now say “awwww”.

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