How much do we spend on weddings

We asked Swizzels.com customers what their wedding budget was, and the findings might surprise you.

In this age of austerity and keeping a firm control on costs, there were a surprising number of couples that threw caution to the wind and splashed the cash on their big day.  Nearly a quarter of LoveHearts.com fans spent over £10,000 on their wedding day.  This probably won’t include the other big expenses such as the ring and honeymoon, so it all adds up to a pretty penny.  One lucky couple spent over £50,000 on their big day.  Ain’t love (fifty) grand!

There were over a third  of you who were able to spend under £5,000 and an impressively frugal 15% that were able to conjure up wedding magic for under a remarkable £1,000.

Compare these numbers with our friends state-side. costofwedding.com report that the average American wedding costs $26,000.   In fact, in some of the premium urban areas like Manhattan, a wedding price-tag averages between $36.000 and $60,000

However much you spent or plan to spend, the most important thing is to enjoy it, not to get stressed and make it memorable.  And those things don’t cost a penny.  Don’t forget to check out Swizzels.com for a range of exclusive personalised Wedding Love Hearts –which don’t break the bank!

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