How to Choose the Perfect Halloween Sweets For Your Local Ghouls

 Halloween feels kind of special this year. While common sense is still called for, after last year’s decidedly damp squib, the relaxation of the Covid-19 rules means that we can all have a little bit of fun. But how do you choose the best Halloween sweets to treat all comers?

Here’s our quick guide.

Halloween Sweet Considerations: What to Choose for Your Trick or Treaters

Are they easy to eat?

Do you remember going trick or treating as a kid, and how there was always one funny guy giving all the kids gobstoppers? Massive things that not only gave you jaw ache, but actually posed a real choking hazard to anyone not paying attention. Don’t be that person! Halloween treats should be easy to eat, easy to carry, and easy to save for later. Swizzels Trick or Treat Lolly Mix is a great example.

Do you have a dairy-free option?

Around 65% of the population has a problem with dairy. For some, it produces congestion and rhinitis. For others, it’s digestive issues. While as many as two in every 100 children under 4 years old are allergic to milk and milk products. So, while mini chocolate bars are a common trick or treat go-to, they’re not always the safest bet for catering to all comers.

Are they vegetarian?

More and more people are choosing a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Adults and children alike. But for kids (or parents!) with a strong moral compass, Halloween is often problematic. Why?  Because choosing a range of sweets that cater for this or any other specific dietary requirement can be a real challenge.  A vegan selection of sweets – like the Swizzels Mummy Mix Bag – is a great way to ensure that you’re not excluding anyone from the Halloween fun. While also ensuring that you’re providing a genuine treat!

It’s a wrap

It’s not written into any legal document, but we believe that all Halloween sweets should come with their wrappers on, by law! Not only are you asking for sticky fingers when providing unwrapped Halloween treats, but it’s also kind of unhygienic. Endless ghastly and ghoulish fingers delving into a bucket of unwrapped goodies?  Ewww.

If you want to go for loose sweets, choose a tub and offer it out pick ‘n’ mix style, with a scoop and provide paper bags! It’s a great option for Halloween parties!

Halloween, really, is about having fun. This year, more than any, it should be about helping kids to enjoy themselves after a fairly difficult time. So, although it seems like just a little thing, choosing the right trick or treat sweets – ones that everyone can enjoy – is actually kind of important. And with Swizzels, it takes no effort at all!

Looking for the best Halloween sweets for your local ghouls? Check out the Swizzels sweet shop.

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