How to Create a Vegetarian or Vegan Christmas Hamper

Being vegetarian or vegan is so much easier than it was even five years ago. The general move in retailers and eateries to accommodate a plant-based diet is as pleasing as it is long-overdue. But selecting a vegan or vegetarian Christmas hamper for a friend or family member can still be tricky. Luckily, Swizzels has you covered!

Vegetarian and Vegan Sweet Hampers: What Do You Need to Know?

Veganism may be associated with healthy eating, but we all need a treat from time to time! And until very recently, sweets were the last bastion against a plant-based diet. From gelling agents to colourings, there are so many things in traditional sweets that make them incompatible with the vegan, or even vegetarian, diet. That’s why even the most serious, grown-up vegetarians will let out a little whoop of delight when they find the V mark on once-favourite sweeties. And that’s why we’ve worked so hard at Swizzels to adapt a huge number of our original recipes and make them vegan-friendly… Just the thing for a vegan sweet hamper!

So, what are the options?

Do it yourself with Swizzels vegan and vegetarian sweets

Depending on who you’re buying for, sweets can be like little miniature time-capsules. While for younger generations, sweets are simply a wonderful piece of indulgence, sucking through to the sherbet of a Refresher can catapult a 40-year-old back to the 1980s faster than a DeLorean in a lightning storm. That’s one of the reasons why Swizzels made the decision to remake some of our most popular retro sweets in a vegan form. And they’re just perfect fodder for Christmas! So, if you’re looking to make a veggie Christmas hamper for someone in your life, we have a whole raft of sweets for you to choose from. Along with Refreshers, we have our delicate and moreish Rainbow Drops. The timeless classics of Love Hearts, Fizzers, and – like them or loathe them – Parma Violets. A whole range of lollies, including the fabled Fruity Pops and Mega Double Lollies (who do you know with a mouth that big?!). And a whole range of sherbet dips, single sweets, and Choos. You can see the complete collection here if you’re ready to be spoilt for choice. Otherwise, just browse the Swizzels shop. All our veggie, vegan, and halal sweets are clearly labelled. 

Swizzels vegetarian and vegan sweet hampers

If you don’t have time to create your own bespoke sweet hampers for your loved ones, Swizzels currently offer two sizes of vegetarian and vegan sweet hamper. They’re both full to bursting with a selection of the treats mentioned above. And both are presented in a pretty red box that’s sturdy enough to hold all your sweet goodies within, but light enough to avoid bumping up the price of postage. And if you wish, we can also personalise your hamper for you. Just let us know the recipient’s name, your special message, and who you want the gift to be from. 

Not everyone knows it yet, but having a special dietary requirement no longer excludes you from enjoying the fun and sweet things in life. And we think Christmas hampers fall into both of those two categories. So, which option are you going to go for?

Check out Swizzels full range of sweet hampers, or browse for other Christmas gifts

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