How to Dress a Wedding Table with Love (Hearts!)

The big wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most important occasions in our lives, and it takes a lot of meticulous planning if you’re to ensure everything goes to plan.

While larger arrangements such as booking a venue for the ceremony and reception are certainly very important, subtle touches like dressing each table at the reception with style and elegance as well as treats for the guests can play an important part in the wedding arrangements too.

Here, we’ll be looking at a few delightful Love Hearts products that are packed to the brim with love and flavour, perfect for giving each guest a little ‘thank you’ for attending your special day.

Our range of Wedding Love Hearts are perfect for adding that special touch to any wedding reception.

Wrapped in packages designed specifically for wedding occasions, our range of Wedding Love Hearts are available in various sized packs and can be ordered in lots of 50,100,150 and 200 rolls (larger orders reduce the cost of each 50 rolls!).

We also have a range of Love Hearts available with customisable wrappers, allowing you to choose your own message to be printed on each packet, perfect for adding that personal touch to each table!

For something truly special, consider adding some beautifully packaged Love Hearts Wedding Favours.

Available in a generous range of styles, our Wedding Favours never fail to impress, and with elegant extras such as sparkly decorative love hearts and ribbon included you can add even more style to these delightful boxes.

These boxes are perfect for filling with Love Hearts, and go hand-in-hand with their bright and elegant packaging.

Give your guests a selection of classic delicious treats to tuck into after dinner with our fantastic Candy Buffets!

Our generous selection of Candy Buffets contains a wide range of Swizzels classics, from boxes containing only Love Hearts to mixed Candy Buffets containing all of your favorite childhood sweets, from Refreshers and Double Dips to Drumsticks and Parma Violets!

These tasty Candy Buffets are available in sleek, elegant packaging to ensure they fit right in with the rest of the décor too!

So there we have three wonderful Swizzels products that are perfect for adding a sweet touch to your wedding and are sure to delight younger and older guests alike! You can find our full range of wedding products here.

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