How to Make an Amazing Christmas Sweet Hamper

OK, we know that a lot of people think that it’s still a bit early to be mentioning the C-word, but there’s no denying that Christmas is creeping closer. And we’re so excited! December is one of our best-loved times of year. So, we’re going to start the festive ball rolling with one of our favourite topics. The sweet hamper.

At Swizzels, we produce a whole range of sweet hampers for every kind of occasion. We have vegan and vegetarian options. Halal hampers too. And they can all be personalised. So, if you want to take the simple sweet hamper route, we’ve got you covered! But sometimes Christmas calls for a bit of creativity. And it can be really lovely to put your own stamp on Christmas gifts. And that’s where the DIY approach can have its benefits. So, this is our guide to making the best possible personalised Christmas sweet hamper.

Three Steps for Creating the Perfect Christmas Sweet Hamper

Decide what you want to put in it

If you’re making a sweet hamper, then the world is your sweet shop! For the full pick ‘n’ mix experience, you could simply grab one of Swizzels 3kg party mix bags and rearrange the contents. This is a hugely cost-effective option if you’re making multiple smaller hampers – or if you wanted to really spoil someone. Then you can add in other things too. Whether you bulk buy favourite sweets, or simply mix in individual packets – how about a personalised Love Hearts tube as a centrepiece? – just be sure you select the recipient’s favourites. And don’t forget to pop in a bit of chocolate too – with their deliciously distinctive raspberry and milk filling, Drumstick chocolate bars are the perfect hybrid sweetie-chocolate treat!

If you want to make it an even sweeter hamper, find a theme to work to. For gardeners, for example, you could try adding soap, hand cream, gardening gloves, and a hand trowel – all nestled in sweeties and displayed in a plant pot!

Think about styling

Traditionally, Christmas hampers come in a wicker basket. And that’s great. It’s a practical, aesthetically pleasing solution that you can tailor and decorate to your own standards. Hobbycraft has some great suggestions if you’re stuck for ideas. But the thing about making your own hamper is that you don’t have to stick to traditions. So, present your hamper any way you fancy, and any way that fits with your budget. Repurpose an old crate or cardboard box – with a lick of paint it’ll be ready to go. If it works with the contents (and it will with sweets), make your own swag bag. Individually wrap your items and tie them together with twine. Use a tray and pile ‘em high. Or look for some other receptacle that can be repurposed – a cookie jar, a Lego bricks box, anything that can be made to look the part.

Choose your accessories

[image credit: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-making-a-christmas-decoration-6072864/]

Really good hampers are as much about aesthetics as they are about the content. So, take time to think about how you want to display your sweets. Are you going to use smaller containers? Maybe striped sweets bags, or decorated jars? Do you want to use labels? DIY Christmas tree decoration blanks can work really well, because they leave a reminder once the sweets have gone. Have you selected a colour or theme to work with? And don’t forget something to line your chosen receptacle with.

Making Christmas sweet hampers can be a really lovely thing to do for friends and family. And a fun way to get your children involved in Christmas preparation. But as early as it seems, starting now can be a good idea. That way, you can enjoy the experience, rather than feel frazzled by the effort! And remember, if you run out of time, there’s always Swizzels to come to the rescue!

What would you put in your dream Christmas sweet hamper? Head over to our social media pages to let us know!

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