How to Plan a Sweet Platinum Jubilee Street Party

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It’s only a few weeks now until the long-anticipated long weekend of the Queen’s platinum jubilee. And if you’re planning a street party, your preparations should already be very much underway. You’ll have submitted your application. And, if necessary, posted a temporary events notice. You’ll know where you’re holding the event. And now you’ll be working on the finer details. So, these are our tips to help make sure your jubilee street party goes with a swing.

Four Ways to Make a Memorable Jubilee Street Party

Decorate, decorate, decorate everything!

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Come on, it’s the Queen’s platinum jubilee. She’s been on the throne for 70 years. You know what to do! Break out the Union Flags, of course! You’ve got bunting, tablecloths, napkins, and flags. Add ribbons and lace and streamers. Get the children crafting – making table decorations, party hats, or crowns, with a prize for the best. Choose a theme if you like – the 1950s would be perfect, especially if you can get your guests to dress up. But it doesn’t matter if you have the most elegant decorations or the least. All that matters is that you decorate, decorate, decorate!

Pay attention to the food

The food is the focus of almost any party, but it needs to not break the bank. If you’re organising a street party, the most cost-effective approach is to ask everyone attending to bring a dish. Try to coordinate, so you don’t end up with 30 plates of coronation chicken and not much else! And steer everyone towards finger food, because it’s easier than scouring the street for abandoned knives and forks after the event. Then, add in a few extra touches. Crisps. Retro sweets – a pick ‘n’ mix sweet table can be a lovely touch and we have platinum jubilee Love Hearts at the ready! And some stand-out puds!

Alternatively, if you want to make things really easy, make it a street party picnic. That way, allergies are catered for, everyone gets what they want and like, and it’s easier for you to manage.

Use music to create the right atmosphere

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It’s not a party without music. And while you might not have the budget to bring in a big band, there are other options. Local musicians may enjoy performing. A children’s talent show can add some fun to the event. Or create a playlist that takes a little something from every decade of the Queen’s reign. From Lita Roza (of (‘How Much) is that Doggy in the Window’ fame), through The Beatles and Slade, to the Spice Girls and Gary Barlow. Keep it light, keep it fun, and make sure that there’s something for everyone.

Don’t forget the kids

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Getting children interested in either current affairs or history can sometimes be a bit of a stretch. But this is history in the making, and all children love a party. So, make sure that there’s plenty for them to do to keep them engaged. Plan games and activities, with retro sweets for prizes. Did you know that Love Hearts will be marking their platinum jubilee next year too? So, they make a fitting addition to the celebrations! And Rainbow Drops and Fizzers have been around for even longer. Plan a treasure hunt – Swizzels Big Bags of sweets can provide an excellent clue trail, or a cost-effective way to give treats to the runners up. Try to create a space for dancing. Or have a few vintage props around for children to dress up and see what they’d have looked like way back when.

Street parties can be enormous fun. And if you get your local community involved, no one needs to spend a fortune. The emphasis is on shared time and celebration. So, get planning, and have fun!

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