How to Use Sweets at Your Wedding

Sweets and other confectionery can be a lovely way of bringing a bit of fun and nostalgia to a wedding. Strongly reminiscent of innocence and childhood, sweets never fail to bring a smile. But what if you like the idea of including sweets in your wedding celebrations, but are not sure how to do it? We have a few ideas to get you started.

Four Ideas for using Sweets and Confectionery at Your Wedding

Select edible wedding favours

Edible wedding favours are a good idea for all kinds of reasons. They’re affordable, enjoyable, can easily be themed with the rest of your décor, and they can often be personalised too. With Swizzels personalised Love Hearts, for example, you can cater for 50 guests for the smallest of budgets. And your guests are presented with a little roll of deliciousness, covered with a keepsake wrapper complete with your special details, for those who want a memento of the day. Pop one on each plate at your wedding reception. Job done. You could even have a couple of large bowls full of them for guests as they make their way out of the ceremony… We can’t be the only ones to have experienced hungry tummies while watching friends tie the knot!

Create a candy buffet

Candy buffets and sweet tables at weddings have been growing in popularity for some time now. And it’s fairly obvious why: they are super-sweet, super-fun, and taste delicious! They also offer plenty of opportunity for you to put your own personal stamp on the design. You can select retro sweet jars for your display (you’d be surprised what you can find in your local charity shops if you look around). With metal scoops for that sweet shop feel. You can have paper bags for your guests to create their own ‘mixtures’. Or personalised paper cups. ‘Candy carts’ are also fun. You can theme the colour of your sweets. Or you can work to a budget, buying sweets in bulk, and separating the sweets by flavour for your display.  

Personalised place name settings

If you’re looking for a wedding favour and place setting in one, then sweets and confectionery make an outstanding choice. Whether you opt for personalised chocolates, mints, bonbons, or sweets, like Swizzels personalised giant Love Hearts, you have both a cute and quirky place name setting. Something for the sentimental to take home and treasure. And something for the hungry to devour as they’re waiting for the food to arrive! Everyone’s a winner!

Personalised gifts for the flower girls and page boys

The bride and groom aside, your flower girls and pageboys are arguably the stars of your wedding show. And it’s traditional to give them a gift to thank them for their role in your big day. It’s not uncommon to give an engraved trinket – a necklace, bracelet, or silver cup – as a lasting reminder. But we all know that what children really want are sweets! So, why not go ahead with the lasting gift that their parents can keep, but supplement it with some confectionery? Personalised chocolate can be a great idea, but isn’t ideal for on-the-day consumption, unless you want those gorgeous little suits and sparkly dresses dirtied for the photos.  Whereas sweets are a little more controllable. The goodies in a personalised Love Hearts gift tube can be eaten over a longer time without the risk of uncontrollable melting in little hands, and the tube itself can be repurposed as a great pencil case when it no longer holds sweeties.

Sweets and confectionery can play a lovely role at weddings. Because they’re fun, light and easily pocketable.  Despite what your parents once said, and you may tell your own children, sweets don’t ruin your appetite – at least not when consumed in moderation.  They’re affordable. They’re fun. And they can make most people smile. And if you want to include sweets on your big day, you have plenty of options to choose from.

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